7 Best Posthumous Performances In Video Games

These amazing performances of people who have died in video games are a great way to remember their talent.

In this day and age, it takes years to make a video game. The people who make games often spend a lot of time coding the game, making the cutscenes, and fixing any other problems. Performers are a part of this process, and they often record their lines a long time before the games come out. So, these actors don’t always get to see how their work turned out.

This means that many games have performances by people who have died. Actors finish their work on a game’s voice and/or motion capture, but they die before the final product comes out. Even though this is always sad, it can have a bright side. If people know it’s the last time they’ll see something, they might like it more. They might remember why they liked the performer to begin with.

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