7 best real estate locations to buy in Mumbai

Are you seeking real estate investment options in Mumbai? Mumbai is one of the most sought-after places to reside since it is India’s financial hub. It attracts tourists from all over the world who want to take advantage of the city’s many economic possibilities, advanced social infrastructure, and first-rate neighborhood amenities.Β 

Mumbai seamlessly blends old-world elegance with strikingly modern skyscrapers, offering all the amenities and facilities you need to live comfortably. This city is all about art, nightlife, culture, and history. As a result, the city’s real estate values have skyrocketed. The city has something for everyone, from expensive commercial buildings to opulent residential developments.

Here is a list of the top 7 best projects in Mumbai 2023 for you.

  1. Goregaon: It is close to both Malad and Andheri. It is a well-known part of Mumbai that used to be known as a major business district. The west side is home to numerous residential and business structures. There are several projects in the works or coming up. Its infrastructure is of the highest quality. It is still a good place to invest in real estate, even though it is more expensive than the other places mentioned. It has everything an employee, employer, or businessperson could want or need. The airport, train station, and bus stop are all within walking distance. To know more about the project you can contact us here – 9911774030.Β 
  1. Kharghar: Without a doubt, this is Navi Mumbai project’s most profitable investment prospect. Homebuyers and real estate investors frequently go to Kharghar. It has excellent connections to Mumbai and other regions of the nation. Mumbai’s well-built and well-connected roads and trains allow you to get everywhere in the city in a matter of hours. Kharghar has beautiful natural surroundings, as well as broad roads, open areas, and contemporary infrastructure. It has a below-average net worth. For the price of a three-bedroom flat, a house may be acquired in the heart of Mumbai. Investors in smart cities aiming to increase the value of their portfolios would wish to take it into account.Β 
  1. Vasai-Vira: Β It is well known for its inexpensive rates. For those searching for affordable real estate close to Mumbai, this is a fantastic choice. Vasai-Virar is growing incredibly swiftly; an investment made now will be worth four times as much in 2010. Vasai-Virar is renowned for its breathtaking natural surroundings, which include a wide variety of beaches and important historical sites. There are lots of offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, as well as other commercial and industrial sites, thus there are lots of work prospects. Modern infrastructure also makes millions of people’s life simpler, which is another advantage.
  1. Panvel: It is without a doubt the best location in Navi Mumbai right now to invest in real estate. Due to the extensive infrastructure plans that the government has for the upcoming years, it is particularly popular with real estate investors looking for investments that can be held for a long time. It is a great place for middle-aged and younger generations to invest due to its stunning natural surroundings, first-class infrastructure, first-class amenities for the general public, and excellent transport connections. Like some other cities, the government intends to construct a brand-new regional railway that will connect Panvel and C.S.T.
  1. Mira Road: It has grown into one of the top investment prospects. Because of its excellent infrastructure, affordable housing, and excellent connections, Mira Road is growing in every manner. The impending metro project will influence several Bombay areas. Due to the almost 30-minute time decrease between Mumbai and Mira Road, this project will also have a substantial influence on Mira Road. Just call on 9911774030, to know more about the project.Β Β 
  1. Andheri: The Western Express Highway, Swami Vivekananda Road, and Link Road all pass through this area simultaneously. Two key elements that support rapid expansion are connectivity and a robust social infrastructure. Andheri West will likely become a key investment site due to the area’s pricing dynamics and expanding demand. Excellent bus service to the city is available from the nearby Goregaon bus station. Jogeshwari railway station is around 2 kilometers from The Andheri West. Drive 10 minutes to the north to reach the airport. It is home to several gated neighborhoods and luxurious residences. Read more about real estate on our site www.planmyproperty.in.
  1. Chembur: Due to its accessibility via Mumbai’s suburbs, Chembur is also included on our list of cities with the finest infrastructure, which includes large cities, railroad stations, and broad highways. Skyscrapers and upscale residential neighborhoods are being built in Chembur, which is growing swiftly. Apartments with one or two bedrooms are in high demand in this region.


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