Confluence Vs Rodeo – A Comparison of Two Best PM Software

In this article, we provide a comparison of Confluence Software Vs Rodeo Software. Determine which software would be most appropriate for your business. Software such as Confluence and Rodeo are becoming more and more popular. All because of their remarkable features, which prevent users from switching to alternative solutions. Which should a company choose, then? Do you also find it difficult to choose one? This article compares Confluence software vs Rodeo software. The objective is to assist customers in making wiser business decisions.  

Confluence Software  

Businesses may collaborate, organize, and evaluate project activities with Confluence project management software. There are various options for on-site setup even if the system is cloud-based. Additionally, the software has modules for knowledge management, editing choices, and task management tools. Managers and employees can use these tools to schedule meetings, add notes, and describe specifications for products. Confluence Software can be used to create research reports as well. It gives managers the option to rate work and offer comments on papers. Moreover, it offers a central repository where team members can search for information rather than having to switch between various tools.  

Confluence Key Features  


The dashboard feature offers complete customization options to the users and is the application’s home page. Users can choose a regular page to serve as their landing page. Furthermore, they also edit the global layout file under advanced customization. To do this, one needs to be aware of velocity. After making changes to such features in Confluence, you must repeat the process with each upgrade.  

Platform Synchronization  

You can work from any location with Confluence software thanks to flawless synchronization between mobile and desktop platforms. There are two mobile apps for the application:   

  • Confluence Cloud App for Mobile  
  • Mobile Confluence Server App  

You can make and edit changes to pages from anywhere with the help of these mobile programs. In addition, you can view activities, find work, and take action from these apps.  

Work at One Location   

You can provide specific zones to each team in your business thanks to the program’s infinite space. It is beneficial to keep all of your work in one location and organized. Moreover, the strong search engine and organized hierarchical system of the application allow you to discover employment quickly.  

Confluence Demo  

Confluence offers a demo that is free on its official website. After viewing the demo, users can become familiar with how the software functions. A demo is your best option if you have questions regarding the product.  

Confluence Cost  

All of the Confluence pricing strategies are listed below. Have a look at them to analyze your budget and make a better buying decision accordingly  

  • Free – This package does not charge a single penny to the consumers. It is free of cost for up to 10 users and has several features. A few of them are 2GB file storage, unlimited space/pages, applications, and integration.  
  • Standard – Pay $5.75 to avail of this package and it allows up to 35,000 users as well. It offers a lot of functionalities such as 250 GB file storage, user permissions, and local business hour support.  
  • Premium – The cost of this bundle is $11 a user and it provides unlimited storage. A few of the additional features include premium support, analytics, IP allowlisting, and more.  
  • Enterprise – The price of this package is not given on the website. You will have to get in touch with the sales team to get the pricing of this package. It offers many features including unlimited sites, Atlassian access, enterprise support, and 99.95% uptime SLA.  

Head over to the application’s website to get further details on Confluence pricing.  

Confluence Review  

Users rate Confluence as a highly trustable and reliable software. Moreover, they even recommend others to use the application for their organizations. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on GetApp and Capterra.  

Rodeo Software  

Rodeo is a fully functional project management tool made for startups and SMEs. A company can plan and keep track of its internal rodeos using the software. The program allows you to store all of the data in the cloud in a secure manner. Moreover, it offers end-to-end Windows solutions as well. The software offers several features including:  

  • Cost-to-completion tracking  
  • Client Portal  
  • Time tracking  
  • Client management  
  • Time & expense tracking  

Rodeo Key Features  

Finance Management   

This feature helps you to swiftly plan your projects and prepare your budget. All you need to do to get started is make a list of the tasks along with their estimated expenses and the number of hours. Moreover, the application allows you to gain productivity, reduce stress, and save time by finishing other pertinent duties.  

Project Management  

You can use the platform without difficulty and without having to struggle to obtain the exact capabilities you require. For this reason, the Rodeo project management software has an easy-to-use interface. They can assist you in putting together a summary of the general state of your company.  


The application provides an invoicing option that you can connect to your administrative software. This allows you to send invoices automatically each week. Adding to that, the software continuously delivers progress reports that you can print off right away whenever you need them.  

Rodeo Demo  

Potential users of the software have free access to a demo version. It allows users to learn more about the program and interact with the interface directly.  

Rodeo Pricing  

The Rodeo pricing strategy is a bit unique as compared to other project management tools. Unlike others, it does not provide a combined package with a fixed cost. The software just provides a starting price and the cost of every feature individually will be added up to that starting price.  

The starting price is $29.99 a month for one full-user license. It includes QuickBooks, integration, and support. Adding a full user would cost $14.99 per user a month. Meanwhile, a standard user would cost $8.99. Other than this, adding a planner to the package would increase its price by $4.99 a month. Head over to the company’s official website to get an insight into the features included with these.  

Rodeo Reviews  

The Rodeo software reviews are very excellent as per numerous user responses on several software review websites. It has a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on GetApp and 4.5 on SoftwareAdvice.  


It is safe to state that they give the best functionalities after studying both tools. Both Confluence and Rodeo have received a great deal of favorable user feedback. However, the user’s choice of software is up to them. Therefore, it is the user that needs to evaluate the requirements of the company, its budget, and its size to select the best project management tool. 

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