How to design side lock six corner boxes for products? Guidelines:

At the start when boxes were in high demand it is due to their safety purposes. But as the world is evolving boxes’ importance starts changing with time. Now boxes are for multi purposes like they are best for providing visibility and marketing to the products. Thus, there are thousands of types of boxes available in the market. One of the types is side lock six cornersΒ boxes. Brands are manufacturing these boxes in such a way that they are presenting a great look to stand out among the others. The main purpose of these boxes is to provide safety and a unique look of using these boxes. These side lock boxes are best for providing security means that they are strong and trendy in nature. That’s why the best is for protecting fragile products as well.

If you are new in the market and want your products to have a nice sale. The best way to do this is to choose a box that is better for the presentation. Apart from a presentation you have to find a way to place your products. For this purpose, if you are using side lock six corner boxes, they are best for presenting products in retail. Their beautiful presentation on shelves automatically attracts people and they will fill their carts without wasting any more time. These boxes are presenting the products attractively because they have an attractive outside of the box made of gloss or matte. The best part of using these boxes is that they are laced with extra inner soft layers to provide extra protection. Thus, making them a perfect option for delicate and fragile products like skincare or cosmetics.

Durable material and high-end finishing:

There is a wide variety of materials that brands are using for manufacturing these boxes. These materials can be cardboard, kraft paper, or corrugated. These boxes are one of the perfect options for packing any type of product because of their material only. These boxes are not only perfect for packaging but their manufacturing process is also easy. They are processed on the finest quality processing equipment that will make sure that products remain secure and last longer than the other products.side lock six corners After manufacturing these boxes is a unique way brands are applying multiple options as a finishing of these boxes. The material that brands are using for these boxes is one of the best options for finishing. The benefit of using these materials is that brands don’t have to be worried even if they are choosing the thickness of the material. Because they can match any kind of printing and finishing without damaging the structure of the box. brands can even use their name and logo as finishing points to make their brands more attractive.

Use of themed printing:

Boxes are the perfect products to provide safety and security to the items inside them. Thus, making them attractive and unique is a big task. Apart from choosing a great material, brands have to find suitable designs and colors for the boxes of their products. Thus, choosing themed printing options like choosing a design that can go with the type of the product inside these boxes. For this purpose, some brands are even hiring professionals who are customizing the boxes according to the customers’ choices. For example, if there is a birthday party and you want to give a surprise to your loved one. Customize a box according to the cake design and color. This will give an aesthetic look to your surprise.

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In themed printing, there is another option like adding a brand logo on one of the sides of this six-corner box and the title of the product. Thus, ultimately increasing the look of the box and increasing sales. Moreover, if you are using these boxes to make them useful like goodie boxes. When people especially children are carrying these boxes at any event, they are highlighting the brand and products.

Apply customization on these boxes:

When you are highlighting your brand while using different options, make proper use of easy customization for more results. As there are thousands of different types of product boxes available in the market thus, everyone is trying to look different from others. Therefore, it will become very difficult for customers to choose the box that can make their product presentation better. Many brands are nowadays hiring experts to customize and personalize these boxes which can place your brand in a very beneficial state. These experts are applying such type of design that will easily help the customers to differentiate from others.side lock six corners For example, if you are using gift wrap on the boxes or adding ribbons to make these boxes glittery and glossy.Β  So, it is very useful for brands to have all the different types of customization options just to attract people and increase sales.

Choose eco-friendly material for boxes:

The best thing to attract people to your brand is to use an environmentally friendly material. For example, if you are using paper, cardboard, or corrugated material, they are the best choice. These materials are eco-friendly and highly reusable. The best part is that boxes made of these materials apart from using again and again are easy to dispose of. You can decompose these boxes without causing extra pollution in the environment.

Various sizes for different products:

When brands are using these six corner boxes the best thing about these boxes is that they can be of different sizes and shapes. Thus, giving a great opportunity for people to choose the box according to the size of the product. These boxes can be square or rectangular in shape according to the product design. For example, the use of deeper boxes for food items like cakes or pastries or shallow boxes for flat food items like pizza.

Summing up:

Thus, this side lock six corner boxes are one of the best options for multiple products. These boxes are not just proving safety to the products but a great marketing opportunity.


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