How to make a beautiful handmade Rakhi for your brother

Rakhi, a symbol of the care and affection given between brothers and sisters, is worn on Raksha Bandhan, a lovely day to celebrate unity. Rakhi is more than just a thread; it represents the unique relationship that siblings share. Earlier, the practice of rakhi was restricted to wrapping a thread around the wrist of the recipient’s brother. There are a wide variety of designer rakhis on the market that appeal to all females. What if you create a rakhi by hand? Your custom-made rakhi would be a thoughtful present for your adoring brother. Would you want to discover how to manufacture rakhi at home? If so, here are some fantastic suggestions for creating your rakhi, which would undoubtedly give it a more unique and emotional sense. Here is a tutorial for making rakhi for your brother:

Toggle Rakhi

Only thread and buttons are required for a button rakhi. Cut two pieces of silk thread of similar sizes to create this DIY rakhi. Next, knit a crossing pattern onto the thread using the button. Finally, tie a knot in the end to complete your button rakhi. In this, you may create a bead-and-button rakhi by substituting beads for the button. Look for rakhi gifts online.

Rakhi Gota

A gota bundle and thread are required for the highly unique rakhi known as the gota rakhi. Make the gota flower for the rakhi’s foundation first to make this. Make a knot in the middle of the gotta thread, then stack the thread’s sides, one on top of the other, to make a flower. The Gotta Flower is then ready once you pull the one corner. Finally, attach a gotta flower to the gotta piece to complete your DIY rakhi.


Towel Rakhi

You’ll need ribbon, various-sized jute flowers, and cloth embellished with crystals to make a jute rakhi. To create this, first layer the smaller jute flowers on top of the larger ones. Next, center the crystal-decorated material. Finally, adhere to the ribbon, and your DIY rakhi is complete.

Rakhi Zari

The Rakhi that seems regal and magnificent is called a ZariRakhi. You will need brightly colored lace, thread, needles, and scissors to make this Rakhi. To construct a Zari Rakhi, start by choosing your brothers’ favorite design, such as a peacock or a bouquet. Sew lace on the sides of the Zari motifs in a color that matches the lace. Your lovely Zari Motif Rakhi will be ready after the lace has adhered to the reverse of the motif. Prepare rakhi sweets on this day.

Rakhi felt

Two vibrant felts, designer stickers, a length of gold ribbon, scissors, thread, and a needle are required to construct a felt rakhi. First, cut both pieces of felt into varying sizes, stacking the smaller pieces on top of the larger ones. Then, using a needle and thread, stitch the satin ribbon. Your rakhi is complete; adhere to the designer sticker on top of the felts.

Rakhi in paper

You need chart papers in various colors, scissors, thread, and glue to make a paper rakhi. Create the flowers first using chart sheets. The paper flower should then be adhered to the ribbon to complete your lovely rakhi.

Rakhi with silk thread

Silk Thread Rakhi, made of cotton twine, silk thread (the same color as cotton twine), a designer stone bead, and scissors, is a very straightforward yet beautiful rakhi. First, wrap the cotton and silk threads (approximately 10–15 times) around two fingers. After that, trim the edges and make a knot in the center. Spread the threads out to create a flower-like form after that. Utilizing a thread, tie a bead. Create a braid out of cotton using the length you wish, and then securely stitch the braid in the middle. Your brother may now get your classy handcrafted rakhi.

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As a celebration of siblinghood, rakhi maintains a particular place in the hearts of siblings. This event is significantly observed by many people in the nation, mostly Hindus, Jain, and Sikhs. Other names include rakhi Purnima, Raksha Bandhan, and just plain rakhi. It is both great and highly important in terms of its significance.

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