How to Send a Bulk Email Campaign with Personalization

When sending mass emails, personalization is indeed the way to go.


It’s not just about having the recipient’s name in the email; it’s also about making sure you’re sending material that fits their interests.


Because most bulk email marketing services lists are made up of existing customers, there’s a strong possibility you’ve already communicated with them and built a rapport with them.


You know about their wants and how your items benefit them because they have previously purchased from you.


You may be able to foresee what will happen, future issues they will face, and what new product improvements will result from this information.


Many brands are accused of failing to comprehend their customers’ underlying motives and concerns.


When it comes to personalizing any bulk email marketing campaigns, thinking like a customer rather than a marketer can make a tremendous difference.


Make the bulk email copy more personalized.

A tailored campaign demonstrates that your organization is thinking about each consumer segment, their various interests, as well as when they’re in the purchasing process.


This will help with client development, resulting in improved conversion rates for any company.


The following are the top three bulk email personalization strategies to employ.


Customize your email copy by using data from your contacts.

Data powers your email marketing customization. You can customize your emails more if you have more information about your contacts.


Gather information regarding your contacts by having them complete forms to join the email list.


Use a form to capture your contact information.


Contact forms are indeed a means to collect data from your subscribers that you may later use to tailor your emails.


You can create a customized mass email using data collected from the opt-in form.


Isn’t it cool?


Remember, this is a bulk marketing email that you can deliver to thousands of individuals, and each one will appear different and speak personally to the receiver.


The personalized email is kind and indicates that you care about the individual to whom you’re writing.


Despite the fact that it is a bulk email services, it appears as if it was written from a personal email address.


The non-personalized one, on the other hand, comes across as a little aggressive with the simple query, “How do you generate leads?”

Customize any bulk emails to ensure they receive the recognition they crave, which will eventually affect the overall performance of your campaign.


What if I don’t want to post extensive opt-in forms on my website?


That doesn’t mean you can’t customize your emails.


Behavior-based data is another approach to getting more information about your contacts.


Behavior-based data is metadata you give your users based on their actions and interactions with your company.


For example, if you’re doing restaurant email campaigns and a new subscriber joins the list from a vegan menu page, you may safely assume they’re vegan.


Despite the fact that the opt-in page has an email address box, you still collect additional data that will help you personalize your next bulk email messages.


How is it accomplished technically?


You can accomplish this by assigning a contact label to contacts depending on the source of their opt-in.


Tags assist you in:


  • Do not spam your subscribers.
  •  know what kind of stuff they enjoy
  •  segment them based on their actions
  • Determine their life stage


Personalize your email subject lines

You can see how personalization affects your contacts’ email experience in the area above.


The same goes for the subject line of your email. The more personalized the subject line, the more the receiver will feel like you’re speaking directly to them.


Personalizing your email subject lines boosts open rates substantially. Subject lines that are personalized are 26 per cent more likely to be opened.


Inside the mail subject line bar, click the add field icon, then “Add” on the custom field included in your subject line.


When creating your target, use filters.

Filtering makes it simple to gather together contacts who share a common interest.


You can not only quickly locate people in the database, but one can save it and reuse the very same search parameters (filter) in the future.


You can use saved filters to send them emails. Instead of sending the identical email to everyone on your list, you may send appropriate offers based on life-cycle phase, interest, geo-location, and other factors.



When mass emailing is done correctly, it can provide a considerable return on investment. Use it to promote a new product, seasonal specials, customer updates, and more.


Remember to collect enough information on your subscribers. That might be useful later when sending a customized mass email campaign.

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