Reasons Why Toilet Leaks at Base and Ways to Fix It 

A toilet base leak may be caused by loosened bolts or dripping pipes. The purpose of this blog is to explain toilet leak causes and potential solutions.

Using a toilet that has water trickling from the base could not be pleasant. Walking barefoot through leaky water is never enjoyable, especially first thing in the morning. Most leaks can be promptly and simply remedied without a plumber’s assistance. The majority of repairs are inexpensive and can be completed in 30 minutes. You might want expert assistance if the top of the sewage pipe is broken or cracked or if the closet flange needs to be fitted on a concrete floor.

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Reasons why toilet leaks at the base 

  • Its tee bolts are loose.

The toilet is secured to the ground using two tee bolts. They may not be visible to you because a cap usually covers them. The wax seal and the base of the toilet are strengthened by these bolts. After carefully removing the cover, look for any loose bolts. The wax ring seal on the toilet will likely break if these bolts come loose, creating a rumble. If your tee bolts are really shoddy, drain water may flow out of the base every time you flush the toilet.

  • It’s time to replace your wax ring

If you’ve already tightened the bolts and the leak remains upon flushing, the wax seal ring is the next obvious step. If the wax ring is worn down to the point where it is no longer pliable, water will seep through the base. In this case, the wax seal ring must be replaced.

  • Check for condensation

The water in a toilet tank, bowl, and porcelain is usually cold. Water will accumulate at the base of your toilet due to humidity causing water to drip from the porcelain on the bowl. Once you’ve determined the source of the leak, gather the tools you’ll need to fix the toilet.

  • Pipes that are leaking

Due to a faulty water supply line, water will continuously flow from the base of your toilet. If the leak arises without the need to flush, the source could be the pipes. Feel the pipes with your hand, paying special attention to any places where water may be leaking. Check that the rubber seal and nut connecting the supply line to the tank are firmly connected.

What can you do to stop your toilet’s base from leaking?

  • Repair any leaks as soon as possible.

It is preferable to repair toilet leaks as soon as possible rather than waiting until they become unmanageable. Maintain your toilet on a regular basis to avoid repeated leaks. Repairing the toilet leak as soon as possible will also help you save money on your water bill in the long run.

  • Nothing else should be flushed down the toilet.

Flushing items such as diapers, q-tips, paper towels, and tissues can clog pipes and cause major problems. Because they do not degrade like toilet paper, they might cause clogged pipes. A clogged pipe can cause more than just a minor leak at the base of your toilet.

  • Never flush chemical drain cleaners down the toilet.

You should prevent utilizing chemical drainage cleaners to clean toilets as they are frequently abrasive and unpleasant. Their chemical reaction generates heat, which has the ability to damage the toilet’s porcelain or soften the PVC pipes. Liquid drain cleaners are used on the tub and floor drains, as well as showers and toilets, and sinks. They are ineffective when applied to toilets due of their particular interior arrangements.


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