The Pikler Set for Your Child’s Growth and Development

As a parent keenly interested in your child’s growth, learning, and development, you may have many questions in your mind! One of the questions often asked is, ‘What is the Pikler approach? How does the Pikler Set benefit children? Should I keep the Pikler Triangle, rocker, and such play equipment at home for my child?’ If these are the questions on your mind, this blog is for you!

To get you started, it is crucial to understand that the Pikler Set comprises play equipment like the climber, rocker, ladder, and dome, which are all primarily climbing structures. Why do you think they are important for children? Children are curious learners who enjoy exploring their environment through their sense of touch, and climbing is a crucial part of it. In this entire process of exploration, the child grows physically and intellectually. The Pikler set provides your child with these climbing exploration opportunities at their own pace in a safe manner.

Moreover, with these experiences, the child’s brain development happens as they start thinking, making decisions, exploring, and finding solutions while playing with the Pikler Triangle. The little rocker by Lily and River and a host of other Pikler and sensory toys are the best in the market to invest in. Click here to learn more about them.

Parents often find it hard to believe that a simple wooden climber can play such a major role in children’s physical and cognitive development from 6 months to 5 years. However, the Pikler Set, Lily and River little rocker, Little dome, and Little climber have been constantly appreciated by early learning educators for over 100 years. Bring one home today for your child.

The Super Benefits of Pikler Set for Children

  • It leads to the development of gross motor skills
  • It increases the spatial awareness
  • It enhances the ability of risk assessment.
  • It strengthens your muscles
  • It develops their creative and critical thinking
  • It strengthens their control and balance.
  • It supports promoting child-led play.

Have you tried the Lily and River –Little Rocker?

Since birth, all parents rock their babies while putting them to sleep and calming them down. There are many benefits associated with rocking your baby. However, these benefits of ricking as the child grows by bringing home the Lily and River- Little rocker and the Pikler Set. Let’s understand its benefits:

Benefit # 1: Enhancement of visual perception

When your toddler rocks on the safe Little rocker by Lily and River, they observe their environment from different viewpoints, and it is a great visual exercise.

Benefit # 2: Develops balance

Another benefit of bringing home the Lily and River- little rocker and, for that matter, the Pikler Set is the development of their control and balance.

Benefit # 3: It Calms and soothes

The rocking on the little rocker by Lily and River supports the child to feel secure and hence has a calming effect on them. It helps fulfill your child’s social-emotional needs too.

The Pikler Set promotes Physical Development.

A child’s physical development comprises gross and fine motor skills. The gross motor skills involve the large muscles, which help them learn to walk, run and do various activities using their limbs, hands, and body as a whole. Developing gross motor skills in young children boosts their confidence, enhances physical strength, coordination, and balance, and creates body awareness. Well, all this is achieved by bringing home or at your school the Pikler set by like:

  • The Pikler Triangle
  • Little steps
  • Little Dome
  • Little gymnast
  • Little Rocker

All these play equipment are made from good quality wood with a smooth surface, no sharp edges, and provides stability. It is the safest pick for your child. The best part is that the Pikler Triangle is foldable, so you can easily store and carry it anywhere. All the play equipment is lightweight too.

Why invest in the best Pikler Set?

Investing in the best Pikler set could be Pikler Triangle, Lily, River-Little Rocker, or Little Dome. It is great climbing equipment that can easily accommodate at your home. Your child can play with it safely while you could be busy with your household chores or anything else while at home. By buying the Pikler Set with different elements from, you can provide a variety of stimulating and diverse play equipment that will foster many developments in children. One most crucial points to consider is that they will never feel boring ever!

Final Words!

We hope you now understand the Pikler approach and why the Pikler set is a must for your child at home.

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