Top iPhone multiplayer games in 2022

As a result, this article will highlight the top free multiplayer iPhone games. Apple’s iOS isn’t far behind Android, despite being the top-ranking and most widely used mobile operating system. Like on Android devices, the iOS app store offers a wide variety of apps and games. Since everyone enjoys playing games on their smartphones, I’ve chosen to produce a list of the best iOS games.

The Top 10 Multiplayer iPhone Games

I’ve only chosen the top games after taking into account elements like user contentment, visual quality, and download volume. But first, let’s take a look at a few of the top-rated iPhone games for boredom.

Infinite 9

If you enjoy playing racing games on your iPhone, Asphalt 9 is a must-have. The best racing game available on the iOS app store is called Asphalt 9. There are options for cooperative and single-player gaming.

Nearly 900 events take place in the single-player mode. But in the multiplayer mode, you may face off against seven other players from across the globe in a race to become an Asphalt Legend.


There are numerous versions of the wildly popular game Minecraft, including desktop, mobile, and console. The ability to play on servers with others who are using PCs to play the game is one advantage of Minecraft.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, there are countless unique planets and landscapes to explore and build. To progress, explore, and survive in this game, you’ll need to collaborate with your friends.


Within Us!

Following the demise of PUBG Mobile, Among Us! emerged as one of the top free iPhone games. The number of players in this game could range from four to ten. Just before the game starts, each squad is given an imposter.

Players must carry out their tasks on a spacecraft while keeping a look out for a fake crew member. The imposter’s goal is to sabotage the work of the other crew members and kill them all. To win the match, though, the crew must first discuss and remove the imposter from the ship.


It ranks among the top iPhone multiplayer games. You’ll love playing the entertaining iPhone mini-game Bowmasters with your buddies. You and your opponent take turns shooting arrows at one another in this turn-based game.

Both you and your opponent should think about the shot’s power and angle before launching it. Therefore, if you’re seeking for a multiplayer iOS game to play online, this is it.

Pool 8 ball

Are you a fan of swimming pools? If so, playing 8 Ball Pool might be very enjoyable for you. One of the most popular pool games for Android and iOS smartphones is 8 Ball Pool.

What a shock! On both platforms, the game is enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. 8 Ball Pool is great since you can link your accounts and play with your Facebook friends.

Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters provides a wide range of tuning choices for your vehicle, including the addition of aftermarket components, body kits, wheels, paint, suspension tuning, and more. Are you trying to find Drift Hunters’ best song? With our Drift Hunters tuning guide, you’re covered. Wheel offsets, turbo lag, brake balance, front camber, ride height, and other parameters can all be adjusted.


One of the best and most well regarded multiplayer iPhone games, it. Monopoly is a timeless board game that brings back some of our greatest childhood memories. In other words, you should download it right away if you want to relive the joy of Monopoly.

You can play this game to feel the excitement of making purchases for everything from a home to a hotel to a car. One of the best board games for socializing with loved ones or close pals.

FIFA Soccer


The most realistic football game available on the iPhone is FIFA Football. It is the best football experience on iOS thanks to Electronic Arts.

What a shock! In FIFA Football, there are thousands of online players and hundreds of licensed teams. Additionally, the game’s PvP option allows you to fight other players online. Additionally, you can create your own squad within the game.

Conflict of Clans

Of course, Clash of Clans is one of the most well-known and top-rated free iPhone games available right now. The ideal strategy for Clash of Clans involves creating or joining a clan with your friends.

To succeed, you must first construct and improve buildings before engaging in clan warfare. As a result, in terms of strategy, it’s one of the best Multiplayer iPhone Games to play with your friends.

Battlefield: Mobile

After PUBG Mobile was prohibited in India, Call of Duty: Mobile rose to prominence as the most well-known battle royale game. The 100-player battle royale mode is only supported by this multiplayer game.

Call of Duty: Mobile has additional multiplayer modes like team deathmatch and 10v10 deathmatch. There are various maps, weapons, and rewards in this game. You can, however, play with your friends and ultimately have fun.

Day Hay

Hay Day is another game on this list that was made by Supercell, the same firm that made Clash of Clans. Again, you need to plan how you’ll build your farm, harvest your crops, exchange goods, and more.

The best online multiplayer game is this one, not Clash of Clans.

Last Words

These are the finest iPhone games that you may play with your pals. I’m delighted you found this information to be useful. In the comments area below, please let me know if you are aware of any additional multiplayer iPhone games.

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