Triune Trek : Everything you need to know

The Himalayas are home to different adventurous and fascinating destinations for trekking and camping. One best among the rest is the Triund trek. 


Triund trek is located in the Bhagsu Nag in the Kangra district of the breathtaking destination of  Dharamshala. Triund trek is aligned at a height of 2850 meters above sea level. It has a picture of the dhauladhar meanders and Kangra valley which brings in the most picturesque spot. 


This trek is trouble-free and provides a peaceful Trekking and camping expedition. This trek will give you the promising memories of your life. 


Best time to do the Triund trek


Triund is a place that provides bewitching aesthetics throughout the year. During the summers, Triund is at its most stunning and the climate is most enjoyable. If you want a chilly, snowy climate, the winter is a languid time to visit. Rainfall in this spot is hefty during the monsoon season during June & July. During the rainy season, trekking should be bypassed in Triund. Camping sums up the mess of the Triund Trek. Every morning, you’re accepted by an astonishing sunrise, and every evening, you’re treated to a stunning sunset. Stars reload the night sky in the evening creating a stunning view. 


How to reach Triund Valley 


If you are inquisitive about this trek then you need to reach Dharamshala first and then there are some traveling options to choose from:-


By Air–

If you desire to travel by air, then it’s proceeding to be the sedentary way as Dharamshala has its airport called Gaggal. In this way, Dharamshala is readily convenient from all the significant cities of India.


By Bus–

This would be the most fortunate approach if you’re inclined to travel from Delhi or Chandigarh, particularly if you’re on a regional budget. Dharamshala can be surpassed within a few hours by an immediate bus from Delhi, approximately 8 to 10 hours. It is significant to keep in intellect that most trainers run overnight.


By Train –

If you’re looking for a reasonable way to travel to reach Dharamshala then it would be by railway. Dharamshala does not have a railroad station, so reaching there can be a bit difficult. To reach Dharamshala, trekkers need to confiscate a train to Pathankot and trip on a bus for around 2-3 hours. 


After reaching Dharamshala the trekkers need to achieve Bhagsunath. Then the hike starts from there. 


Trekking at Triund 


Triund trek delivers a startling view of Klang valley and Shivalik hills while walking amongst bountiful and generous nature lined with lush trees, this trek will bring you pure happiness and satisfaction.


This extraordinary trekking journey commences at Bhagsu Nag from where the trekkers get the possibility to witness the popular Bhagsu waterfall and Shiva cafe, mixed deodar, oak, and fir forests, and rhododendron groves. The trekking passes by scenic views consisting of Bhagsu village, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala valley, Shivalik hills, Kangra valley, Punjab plains, and much more startling scenery. 


A cliff runs along the boundary of Triund, and from one side, one can see the whole Kangra Valley, while from the other side, the Dhauladhar Mountain Range can be glanced at. Then the trekkers take a break and camp there overnight. Have delicious food around the campfire and appreciate the inexplicable experience. The Trekkers can even glimpse the dark sky decorated with millions of stars and appreciate stargazing in the clear sky of Triund. 


On the second day, the trekkers will be greeted with a captivating and alleviating sunrise view from there the trekkers reach Leta village and then take a declining trek to Bhagsunath from Mcleodganj.  


This trekking destination is full of marvels and there you can notice the unnerving beauty of nature. 


The difficulty level of the trek 


The Triune trek is neither tough nor easy, it is supposed to be a moderate-level trek. This trek can be taken by inexpert if they are physically fit and want to undergo some adventure and the beauty of nature. There is an upright climb at the end of the trail, but the path is short hence it doesn’t give rise to any substantial Challenge. 


This trek is best for novices who want to learn something about trekking before going for some tricky trek they can gain experience from around treks. 




The wonders of nature peek while trekking and nothing can be more comforting than nature. This exposition is what everybody dreams of and the climate is so satisfactory too. One must skimp on some time from their feverish schedule to find out oneself and learn something new about the undiscovered provinces of our country. Make trips a part of life. The real beauty is in nature that you must glimpse and you will fall in love with it.


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