Gojek Clone App: Start A Multi-service Business in Indonesia

Are you tired of looking for the perfect Gojek Clone App that can help you launch your own business across the world? Then, you must think about opting for a pre-built solution that can make all your dreams come true without giving you a headache.

This blog talks about the greatest business solution for all entrepreneurs who want to launch their own robust on-demand multi-service app without any effort.

Additionally, the best thing about this app is – it can help you launch your own app across the world in just one to two weeks.

So, let’s learn more.

Start A Business Across International Borders With Gojek Clone

A pre-built application gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of making customizations, including deciding your own color theme.

Since you want to launch the Gojek Clone App in Indonesia, you need to ensure that you integrate the following things –

Integrate Multiple Currencies

The multi-currency feature allows you to display the service pricing in the user’s native currency. This helps them see the price in the currency they follow and make quick purchases or booking decisions.

For example, if a Canadian customer flew to Dubai and wanted to book a taxi, they could simply change the currency to the Canadian Dollar.

Now, they can see prices in their native currencies without having to convert them from Dirhams to Dollars every time they wish to book a service!

Include Multiple Languages

Along with adding multiple currencies, you can integrate different languages as well. This will allow users to easily browse the app in their native language.

This feature is useful to omit the language barrier between a local application and a user from another language-speaking nation.

For instance, a couple from Thailand visits Egypt. As they don’t know how to read Arabic, they can change the language to Vietnamese and browse the Gojek Clone App. They can now understand what’s written on the application, easily browse, and book the service!

Integrate Local Payment Gateways

A payment gateway serves as a payment channel for any e-commerce platform. Apart from making it possible for people to make payments on these platforms, a payment gateway is also responsible for ensuring that transactions happen securely.

It provides an excellent shell to protect customers’ data from hackers.

Thus, depending on which country you are launching your Gojek-like app, you can integrate the local payment gateway that customers use. Here are some examples –

  • Thailand and Singapore – Omise Payment Gateway
  • Brazil –Lugu Payment Gateway
  • Malasiya – Senangpay Payment Gateway
  • Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Egypt – Payfort Payment Gateway
  • Turkey – Iyzico Payment Gateway

Add Your Favorite SMS Gateways

While white-labeling the Gojek Clone App, you can also add the SMS gateway preferred by locals in that country. An SMS gateway allows a system to send or receive messages via different telecommunications networks.

Here, your platform needs to add a reliable SMS gateway, as it will be used to send an OTP (One Time Password) to the customer’s phone number.

Well, with the help of all these integrations, you can easily develop a multi-service app and launch it in different places around the world.

This Business Solution is Super Affordable!

If you are worried about spending all of your finances on developing this app, don’t worry! It is a pre-built solution that will allow you to develop and launch a feature-rich and well-optimized application without burning a hole in your wallet.

A pre-built Gojek Clone App is much more affordable and quick to launch than building an entirely new app from scratch.

In Conclusion:

Save your hard-earned money and your precious time by opting for a pre-built app.

With this solution, you can easily launch the application in different parts of the world without worrying about launching different apps!

Moreover, you can choose to customize the app according to the region in which you are launching it.

So, take the demo of the Gojek Clone App right now and buy the solution ASAP!

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