Stacey Park Milbern Age, Cause Of Death, Disability, & More!

Among various celebrities that rose to fame or recognition, today we are going to talk about a personality that is quite different from the glamorous celebrities you watch on Tv and cinema. However, she is still quite famous for raising her voice for the disabled community when there was need to.

In this article, we are going to talk about Stacey Park Milbern, who was an American that helped the physically disabled people in many ways and worked as an activist for the LGBTQ community as well while she lived her untimely ending life.

Stacey Park Milbern was herself a disabled person, who was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD). She lived for a very short time and departed this temporary world at the age of just 33.

Learn more details about her life and know how Stacey Park Milbern disability caused her difficulties in life and how she became an activist and raised her voice against injustice towards disabled people.

Who is Stacey Park Milbern? 

Stacey Park Milbern was an American activist who raised her voice and stood for the justice with the physically disabled. She was born on 19th May 1987 and was 33 years old at the time of her death. She died in 2020 on the same date as her birthday. She is greatly reminded for her support encouragement by the physically disabled people.

Stacey Park Milbern was also physically challenged as she was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy which has caused her a lot of issues. She has been dependent on somebody for most of her life, still her hope and will was string and she never gave up her cause to raise awareness for certain diseases and disorders.

Apart from leading a life as a disabled person, she also had a queer personality and faced a lot of issues regarding the fact as well. She also openly supported the LGBTQ community and encouraged the people to accept change in themselves.

Stacey Park Milbern Age, Wiki, Bio, Height, Weight and Other Basic Information 

Full Name / Real Name Stacey Park Milbern 
Date of Birth 15th May 1987
Place of Birth Seoul
Date of Death 19th May 2020
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Korean-American
Profession Disability Justice Activist
Famous For Raising Voice for Physically Disabled and LGBTQ
Father’s Name Joel Park Milbern
Mother’s Name Jean Park Milbern
Siblings Yes
Sibling’s Name Sister: Jessica Park Milbern 

Brother: David Park Milbern

Relationship Status Single
Marital Status Unmarried
Children No
Spouse Name Not Available
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 64 kg
Body Measurement 36 – 26 – 32
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Shoe Size US 7
Tattoos Yes
Social Media Presence Yes

Stacey Park Milbern Family and Siblings 

Stacey Park Milbern belonged to a Korean-American family residing in the United States. She was born to Joel Park Milbern and Jean Park Milbern. She also has two siblings, one brother and a sister whose name are Jessica Park Milbern and David Park Milbern.

Her father was in American military who was posted for time in Seoul, where he met Stacey’s mother, having Korean ethnicity and the couple tied the knot while living there, hence their children had Korean-American ethnicity.

Stacey Park Milbern Education 

Stacey Park Milbern was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy which has caused her a great deal of trouble living a normal life. She was dependent on her mother and her siblings for most part of her life. This condition of life has also affected her education, however, she still didn’t lose hope and completed her studies and attained MBA degree from Mills College in 2015.

Apart from her disability, her queer nature has also created many obstacles in her path and she started to live alone and independently after having trouble with her family.

Stacey Park Milbern Boyfriend, Husband and Children 

Stacey Park Milbern had a queer personality as she was interested in the same gender. Although she never got involved in any relationship due to her physical disability as she didn’t want anybody to give her love and care out of sympathy and pity.

She was a strong-willed woman who lived her life with a great cause that she achieved with her never-ending thirst for justice.

Stacey Park Milbern Disability 

Stacey was born on 19th May 1987 with a disorder that is known as Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. She was physically disabled and lived most of her life depending on others. However, due to her strong will, she was able to break through her hesitation and took the world head-on even with her disability.

Stacey Park Milbern disability, Congenital Muscular Dystrophy is a disorder that causes abnormal or irregular growth in the muscles and may cause physical disability for lifetime. This disorder mostly develops at birthtime and stays with the person throughout their lives. Some people are greatly affected by it while some may hardly show any symptoms and may lead a normal life.

Stacey Park Milbern Height, Weight and Physical Measurement 

Stacey Park Milbern is a Korean-American who was born with some disabilities due to Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. However, her growth was not affected by the disorder and she stood at the height of 5 feet 3 inches.

She liked to stay fit and maintain her weight though it was hard to exercise with her physical disabilities. She weighed around 64 kg. Her body measurement was 36 – 26 – 32.

Stacey Park Milbern Cause of Death 

Stacey Park Milbern cause of death was a complication due to her Kidney Cancer. In easier words we can say that Stacey Park Milbern cause of death was kidney failure. Due to her physical disability, she has been suffering from various other diseases and disorders one of which was advanced kidney cancer.

Had it not been cancer, Stacey would have survived a lot longer as she was a fighter and a strong woman. She dies on 19th May 2020.

Stacey Park Milbern Career (Disability Justice Activist) 

Stacey Park Milbern worked for a long time as a Disability Justice Activist before her life ended on a sad note. She started speaking for the physically disabled from a very young age of just 16 as she herself was disabled and fully understood the injustice and difficulties these types of people bare by simply wanting to live a normal life.

She founded two organizations namely North Carolina Youth Leadership Forum and Disable Young People’s Collective. In 2014, she was also greatly supported by the community and was appointed as the director in the Center For Independent Living by the former President of that time Barack Obama.

Stacey Park Milbern Google Doodle 

As we know that Google uses its homepage to honor famous personalities and remind the internet users of their marvels with the infamous Google Doodle. Stacey Park Milbern also received a Doodle form Google on her birth and death date which is 19th May.

Google dedicated the first doodle for Stacey in 2022 which was two years after her departure from this world. The disabled people’s community was really pleased with the Google’s representation of the beautiful lost soul.


Stacey Park Milbern was an activist that worked for raising awareness for the physically disabled youngster in America.

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