5 Simple Ways to Update Your Wig Style

Wigs are always the answer when you want to switch between different styles and personalities. Because they are very easy to style, they have a huge advantage and can work well for people who love to try out new looks once in a while. There are two types of wigs, human hair wigs, and synthetic wigs. Both can work well for styling but human hair wigs are more versatile. This article is for those who are tired of wearing their wigs for sale online in a type of way and are looking to switch up their looks. Here are 5 ways.

1. Do a Different Parting

There are different parting that may come with your wigs. These include the side parting –which may be left or right and the middle parting. In some cases, they may be no parting at all. With your human hair wigs, you can change the parting and try on a different side and no one would even notice the difference. The human hair wigs for sale allow so much versatility and that is why it is mostly preferred for switching up one’s look. Although the synthetic hair or hair blend may also be able to do this if the front of the wig has a closure or lace frontal.

2. Make It Shorter 

It is a whole new deal when you decide to trim or cut your wigs for sale because this process is irreversible and you may want to be sure before doing this. When you have finally decided to cut your wig if you have prior experience you can do it yourself. Or you can decide to take it to a professional stylist so that a more perfect cut can be done. Doing it yourself, you need to ensure that all cuts are equal. To do this you need to fold the wig in half and measure it while it is laying on a flat surface before proceeding to cut it.

3. Add In Another Colour

If you no longer want your wig in a particular color you can decide to dye it for a change. You can take it to a professional who can help you add the colors depending on your preferences.  You can decide to only add colors to the ends or to change everything completely 

4. Curl Your Hair 

There is a very wide difference between a straight wig and a curled wig which is why it would look different on the same person when worn. You can look one type of way wearing a straight wig,  and look totally different wearing a curly wig. This shows how the features of a wig can switch up one’s look. There are different ways to add curls to your wig. You can go for wet curly hair; where you apply water and leave in conditioner to your hair or you can use a curling wand. You may decide to curl only the ends of your wig or the whole length.

5. Try Different Looks

Some types of wigs come with the privilege of changing styles every day. It doesn’t have to be an extreme style like curling or shortening the wig. It can be a matter of pulling all your hair back, taking it up in a bun, having your hair fall to one side, or doing it hair up half down. These are simple everyday looks you can play around with.


As much as you want to keep switching up your wigs whenever you get the chance, you should also learn to lower them to a moderate level. Continuous application or products, heat and dyes can harm the fibers of your wig. Unless you don’t want to keep changing your wigs now and then, learn to not keep styling it constantly. 

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