Composite Mathematics for Class 7 with Latest CBSE Curriculum

Composite Mathematics for class 7 is a complete textbook for students following the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. The book discusses various mathematical topics, such as arithmetic operations, algebraic expressions, linear equations, geometry, and trigonometry. It is a well-designed textbook that adheres to the most recent CBSE curriculum. It can help students in their academic progress and self-improvement.

Features of CBSE Curriculum for Class 7 Mathematics

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is India’s top educational board, in control of developing and implementing curriculum for a broad range of subjects, including mathematics. The key features of the CBSE latest curriculum for Mathematics in Class 7 are:

Fundamental Topics

One of the primary goals of the latest CBSE Mathematics curriculum for Class 7 is to facilitate students to develop a solid foundation in mathematical skills and principles. It gives students a starting point for more advanced mathematical study in the future.

Practical Exercises

The latest CBSE curriculum strongly emphasises teaching students how to think critically and apply maths to real-world problems. Several case studies and real-world examples are included in the curriculum to help students grasp the applicability of mathematical ideas.

Mental Maths

Mental mathematics is solving mathematical problems in one’s head without needing a calculator or any other device. The latest CBSE curriculum for Mathematics for Class 7 advances students in their mathematical education. The curriculum encourages this by incorporating mental mathematical activities throughout the course.

Visual Aids

The curriculum significantly emphasises visualising mathematical ideas. This additionally incorporates visuals, graphs, and diagrams to help students better understand maths concepts. The curriculum also motivates students to use visual representations while solving problems.

Mathematical Reasoning

The latest CBSE curriculum for Mathematics for Class 7 pays a lot of attention to mathematical reasoning. The curriculum encourages students to use logical reasoning to solve mathematical problems.

Benefits of Using Composite Mathematics for Class 7

The major benefits of using the textbook Composite Mathematics are as follows:

1. Furnished with Latest CBSE Curriculum

The foremost benefit of the Composite Mathematics for Class 7 is that it follows the CBSE curriculum. The CBSE curriculum is created to help the students understand complex maths concepts in an easy and practical manner. The book includes creative exercises and activities that help the students to easily understand the topics and excel in their examinations with flying colours.

2. Logical and Critical Thinking Exercises

The book promotes critical thinking and how to effectively use mathematical ideas in practical contexts. The book helps them to think critically and logically, thus, improving their mathematical foundation. It contains a variety of activities and questions that encourage students to apply their mathematical knowledge to functional questions. It also facilitates them for future study in higher classes.

3. Understand the Practical Use of Maths

Another significant benefit of using the book is that it emphasises practical applications of mathematical concepts. The book incorporates numerous case studies and real-world examples to help students comprehend the value of mathematical concepts.

4. Use of Visual Aids

Using pictures, graphs, and diagrams, Composite Mathematics for Class 7 supports students to better understand maths concepts. The book encourages students to use visual representations when solving problems and helps to increase their grasp of mathematical ideas.

5. Mental Maths Exercises

A major component of Composite Mathematics for Class 7 is mental mathematics. Without using a calculator or any other instruments, mental maths involves resolving mathematical problems in one’s head. The book consists of crafted mental mathematics activities that help students develop their mental arithmetic abilities. This is a crucial skill that children will require as they advance in their mathematical education.

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Tips to Score Good Grades in Maths Class 7

Mathematics is an important subject that is the foundation for many other fields of study. Students must know mathematical techniques and concepts to perform well in this subject. The following tips can help you score better in your upcoming Maths exams:

1. Practice Regularly

You should make it a daily habit to practise problem-solving and exercise completion. This will give you confidence to solve mathematical problems and help you retain the information you have learnt.

2. Use Visual Aids

When studying and working on maths problems, you should use visual aids like diagrams, graphs, and pictures since these can help to strengthen your grasp of the topics.

3. Stay Organised

It is important for you to stay organised when studying mathematics. This can be done by keeping notes, creating flashcards, or using other study aids. By staying organised you can keep track of your progress and review content more effectively.


Composite Mathematics for class 7 offers a thorough mathematics education that complements the CBSE curriculum in numerous critical areas. The book helps students fulfil the latest CBSE curriculum and build a strong foundation in mathematics by covering various mathematical concepts and providing well-designed problems and exercises.

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