How Can I Pick Bangalore’s Top Schools?

What exactly is CBSE?

More and more parents in Bangalore and throughout India are choosing Bangalore Residential Schools. Only a decade after independence, things were chaotic and incredibly unpredictable, so the Indian government resolved to equalize education for all students and to establish standards for that education in the 1960s. The Central Board of Secondary Education was established with only about 300 institutions nationwide. Our nation has more than 18,000 CBSE schools in the new millennium, some of which are better than others.

What, then, is the reason behind this exponential growth?

It was primarily to meet the needs of central government personnel that numerous CBSE schools were established. Because of their frequent job transfers and increasingly mobile jobs, CBSE funded their kids’ education. They eventually achieved significant success since the curriculum was effective and the children outperformed their peers who attended State Board schools in competitive exams like the UPSC and NEET. As an example, take a look at Orchids International School, which employs IIT grads to help high school students study for examinations like JEE, NEET, and others.

Differences between CBSE and other schools

  • Why Because they have a deeper understanding of their subjects, students in CBSE schools in Bangalore frequently perform better than their counterparts in those areas. In CBSE schools, teaching ideas is prioritized over imparting worthless information.
  • For instance, it is not necessary for children to know Marie Curie’s birthdate. All they need to do is comprehend the radioactivity she found. Because state board schools’ curricula favor the former, students at CBSE schools get a better education than those in such institutions.
  • A CBSE school is particularly uncommon in that its curriculum is the same throughout all states, making CBSE textbooks slimmer but more informative as a result of the removal of superfluous information. A child in Chennai who must abruptly transfer to a Bangalore school due to their parents’ relocation could pick up right where they left off in Bangalore.
  • You don’t need to be concerned that your child will miss out on the advantages of an ICSE education because institutions like Orchids International School provide a combined ICSE/CBSE curriculum with a global perspective.


  • It would be challenging for a child to finish a CBSE exam with a 100 in physics. This is as a result of the tests’ controlled analysis. Although a student may receive better marks in a State Board school, the standard of instruction is considerably more important, and State Board schools have not yet reached that level of rigor.
  • Questions on difficult competitive exams like the UPSC and entrance exams like JEE and NEET are based on the curriculum created by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).
  • This is the primary variable affecting the proportion of IAS and IPS staff that attended CBSE. Students will need to utilize a lot of logical reasoning to comprehend the material because lessons will be more application-based.
  • Admission tests are notoriously renowned for being challenging. This naturally pushes students to look beyond their textbooks for more books on a subject, transforming them into go-getters and cultivating an assertive mentality that increases their self-confidence.

Nevertheless, this is a false mentality. Because the questions are based on a student’s comprehension of a topic rather than how well they have memorized it, it appears to be more difficult. In terms of admission to IIT or AIIMS, students from CBSE would ultimately have an advantage over students from their respective State boards.

What makes CBSE unique?

  • In between chapters of CBSE textbooks, numerous engaging exercises are provided to keep students motivated in their studies. This kind of student-friendly content teaches students to enjoy reading rather than to dread it. Institutions like Orchids International School offer subject kits to help students comprehend and remember the material more practically.
  • Few students fail the CBSE exams because they are capable of responding to any sort of question because they have internalized the topics through their studies. The majority of academics who grade the papers are pleased when students take CBSE exams and write their answers in their own words to demonstrate to the examiners that they understand the material. In state board schools, students frequently write down facts that they have memorized word for word.
  • The physical and mental health of the children is prioritized in Bangalore Residential Schools. Sports participation is encouraged for students in the same way that academic accomplishment is. The child’s physical growth and health are also observed. Dietitians and nutritionists at Orchids International School carefully monitor each child’s health, doing routine checkups and creating treatment plans to promote better health.

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