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Drawing For Kids lighthouses have a very distinct but crucial purpose. On the most fundamental level, they aid in avoiding ship grounding. They may also bring a lot of beauty to any area. Hence they frequently appear in artwork like paintings and sketches.

Learning to draw a lighthouse is necessary if you want to make your lighthouse artwork. You can learn how to achieve it by consulting the guide in front of you! Drawing For Kids We wish you much fun as you practice drawing a lighthouse with this step-by-step tutorial!

Let’s Get Started with Drawing a Lighthouse!


  • We will begin by drawing the base in this section of our how-to-create a lighthouse tutorial. There will be a lot of straight lines to draw for this lighthouse, so it will be much simpler if you have a ruler on hand.
  • Draw a straight horizontal line for the ground the lighthouse is on to get started. Then, this base will have two levels, the bottom level being wider than the upper level.
  • Each level will have a short ridge at the top, and you can add some minor shrubbery at the lighthouse’s base.


  • Sketch the lighthouse’s body.
  • In this stage of your lighthouse drawing, you can begin work on the lighthouse’s body now that you have the base completed.
  • You may accomplish this in two ways, and we’ll go through both in this step.
  • The lighthouse will have a little more detail because of how we did it in the reference image.
  • In this manner, the lighthouse’s body will be depicted by many tiny lines, each of which will draw the structure closer.
  • If you find the first approach too challenging, you may sketch the two sides of the lighthouse using your ruler if you want a simpler approach.
  • However, both options will look fantastic, so choose the option that feels the most comfortable to you!
  • Regardless of your decision, design the shape’s top as it appears in our reference image.


  • Next, draw the lighthouse’s top.
  • Your lighthouse’s body is finished, and in this phase of our how-to design a lighthouse tutorial, we’ll concentrate on the lighthouse’s top.
  • A little roof will be atop a somewhat thin portion of the lighthouse’s top. At the top, there will also be a little railing.
  • You can add tiny features while drawing by using the reference image as a guide.


  • After that, begin including more minute information.
  • Already, this lighthouse drawing looks fantastic! Before we paint this picture, we will start by adding the last few details in this phase.
  • Aspects like the lighthouse’s windows and entryway will be among the details in this step. Smaller additions will also be made throughout the lighthouse.


  • At this point, you can complete the last few details.
  • You’re almost ready to complete the drawing and begin coloring it! Although the features we will be adding in this step are minor, they will significantly impact the final image.
  • The base and the lighthouse’s windows will all be given simple line drawings to represent these aspects, along with the rest of the construction.
  • These are the details we would add, but you are welcome to add more if you choose!
  • You may sketch a background for one notion or even alter the weather to give the image a different tone.
  • These are only a few suggestions for you to consider, so be creative, have fun, and experiment to see what occurs!


  • Add color to the lighthouse drawing to complete it.
  • You’ve finished the last stage of your lighthouse drawing, which was a challenging one to do.
  • You get to have a lot of fun applying fantastic colors to your photo during this step.
  • Our example image only demonstrates one method for coloring in this picture; there are many other options.
  • We used red and black for the sample image, but you are free to use any colors you wish.

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