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You want to spend the weekend in Bangalore, right? So you’ll have to choose Jain Farm. Two to three levels make up the building. It is situated in a quiet neighbourhood or gated community. Within 5 kilometres of the property are buses, taxi stands, and grocery stores.

With its beautiful surroundings, the Jain farm feels like a home away from home. Similar to contemporary villages, the numerous villages of The Jain Farms are run by senior citizens with experience.

Looking to have the ideal weekend getaway close to Bangalore? The ideal place to visit is Jain farms, so. If you love nature, make sure to go visit this farm because it will get you even closer to it. It is surrounded by nature and unending beauty. Spend a lovely day trip at Jain farms in Bangalore with your closest friends and family members. A day at Jain Farms gives you the ideal opportunity to engage in enjoyable daily activities and brighten your day.


Jain Farms

The Jain farms is a farm-themed community where cottage stays are simple in nature and activities are time-limited. Similar to a modern village, a variety of village-related tasks are run by knowledgeable elderly folks.

In addition to this, you may participate in additional activities including pottery making, a bullock-cart ride, a fire act, a magic show, guess the price, and a magic performance that will make you feel like you’re in a rural hamlet. Making the most of day routing sessions can also be accomplished by playing a variety of indoor games with your closest friends.

Spend some time at this lovely farm on your own for a change of pace. You might alternatively decide to unwind and play games inside all day. Choose your favourite activities and unwind to the soothing beat of nature. Alternately, participate in exhilarating activities like the fire act, magic performance, bullock cart trip, and others.


Location: Malur Road and Bagalur (Hosur)

Kempegowda Airport is the closest airport.

You can enjoy nature’s verdant splendour forever. instantly makes Jain Farms’ heart whole. One of Bangalore’s greatest resorts is where people go to spend quality time with their loved ones and friends.


Activities, Hi-Tea, and Lunch

(Services for children under the age of five are free.)


Regarding Activities:

Arrive at the resort premises and check in before leaving at 10:00 for the thrilling day tour to Jain Farms Bangalore. You can occupy your time with house-related activities, astrology, price predictions, mehendi, ceramics, pool games, and more. Take your friends out for a great vegetarian lunch at 12:30 and then unwind till 2:30 AM 14:00.

Enjoy different pursuits, then pause at 16:00 for a revitalising cup of tea. Enjoy other events like horse dances and magic displays. At 18:30, leave the premises and enjoy complete enjoyment while creating many memories.


Entertainment in Jain Farms:

 Identify the Price

Five Village Sports

Maker of Mehendi pottery for swimming pools

outside playthings

Indoor Sports

Ride a bullock cart

Music-the-Road Archery

Housie \sAstrology

Trampoline (For Kids) 

Animal Zoo


How would I get there?

The resort is just 6 kilometres from Bangalore and is conveniently reachable by both public and private transportation. The resort is roughly 6.2 kilometres from Bangalore Railway Station, the closest train station. About 40 kilometres separate the resort from Kempegowda Airport. flights are offered from significant cities.


Anything else to enjoy?

The luxurious homestays, gatherings, and weddings at Jain Farms are ideal. Quite distinctive from other farms around Gurgaon.


Why go with Jain Farm?

Jain Farms is the best option if you’re looking for a hotel in Bangalore that welcomes families. A 24-hour front desk and newspapers are also available to you while you are at Jain Farms. The on-site restaurant and pool are also available to you. There are free parking spaces available at Jain Farm.

If you’re looking for nearby dining options, Jain Farms is just 0.6 km from The Rasoi, 2 km from Food Junction, and 3 km from Grand Kerala Mess (2 km).


Items to carry:

Shoes, hats, and sunglasses

bottle of water

Government-issued identification that is legitimate Cash


Wear relaxed attire.

Eliminate extra jewellery.

Do not wear flip-flops.


The Farm’s Rules:

 No unmarried couples are permitted.

Bachelors are prohibited

Animals are not permitted.

allows for private events or gatherings

Guests are welcome

Children’s-friendly No pets allowed

Smoking is permitted on the property.

There are no limitations on drinking alcohol.



 Make sure to stop by for a quick trip if you enjoy the outdoors. You get more in tune with nature as a result. Enjoy a fun-filled day excursion to a Jain farm near Bangalore with your loved ones. His day will be greatly enhanced by taking part in the everyday enjoyable pursuits on a Jain farm. Visit this lovely farm for a vacation and stay a while.

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