Should Composite Decking Be Used on Your Dock?

Just picture a historic wharf on a lake. Under your feet, the pier is cracked, old, and greyed, with uneven boards. Each step becomes a little riskier as you get closer to the lake since some of them are rigid underfoot while others have some give. Now consider what material this creaky, old dock would be made of.

A coastal or lakeside dock’s high-moisture, full-sun climate can cause hardwood deck boards to flex, crack, and lose their uniform appearance.

Composite Deck Repair Queens Ny for docks comes with the best moisture and UV protection, a safer walking surface, and more. Continue reading to learn more reasons why composite decking planks are a wonderful choice for your dock.

Acrylic polymer caps provide total moisture protection.

The deck boards on your dock must be resistant to repeated moisture exposure. To stop moisture damage, you’ll need to treat and stain wood decking on a regular basis. The boards’ undersides will still be exposed and vulnerable to moisture damage even if their surface will be well coated.

The appropriate decking option for any application where moisture is a problem, composite decking with acrylic polymer tops is made to resist water intrusion. Acrylic polymer caps offer full-coverage moisture protection without the need for sealing or discoloration.

To prevent UV damage, choose fade-resistant composite decking.

UV resistance is important when choosing a decking material for a dock. A deck located adjacent to a house will experience shade during certain hours of the day, unlike a dock, which is routinely exposed to UV radiation from sunrise to sunset without the protection of a nearby structure’s shadow. Even when wood has been regularly stained, the sun’s constant exposure typically causes warping, cracking, and discoloration.

However, bamboo-PVC composite decking gives defense against UV rays and the signs of ageing. Because it will retain its beautiful luster for years, there is no need to stain it.

It is safer to walk on composite deck boards.

When selecting the best dock decking, safety is the essential factor to take into account. The firm foundation of slip-resistant deck boards and a predictable walking surface are both provided by a secure dock. Because of its greater slip-resistance and “added grip,” Apexยฎ capped bamboo-PVC composite decking has been chosen by many contractors. One such contractor is Jake Johnson of Stone Ridge Decking, a Fortressยฎ Preferred Contractor. Because of its unique construction, Apex expands and contracts about 25% less than regular decking. Its construction combines lightweight bamboo with a PVC core with cells. It is safer to stroll on your pier because of the board’s consistent, uniform appearance.

In the long run, you can save money with a low-maintenance deck.

Even though wood Deck Replacement Queens Ny is occasionally chosen to save money up front, choosing it for your dock can lead to you paying more money for a subpar product. Compared to high-end composite decking, wood is less durable, necessitates more regular application of pricy cleaning chemicals, requires more work to maintain, and is more vulnerable to common threats (like moisture, fire and insect damage). The importance of taking maintenance costs into account increases with dock size. For instance, staining and sealing a wooden marina dock can take many hours. If you want to avoid fast blowing through any initial cost savings, you might want to pay someone to finish this tedious, unpleasant process.

A Level 2 audit is required following any significant system modifications. It could also mean utilising the fireplace for the first time in a while, even if it’s just once a year, or switching from one fuel source to another, such as from gas to wood. A new flue lining that is different from the previous one may have been installed or the original geometry of the flue may have been changed.

In addition, a Level 2 inspection is necessary after a recent sale, a tornado, or routine earthquake activity (every several years).

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