The Impact of Luxury Watches in the World of Men


There are thousands of brands in the luxury watch world, and they’re all competing to create the most beautiful timepieces that reflect the true value of time in money. For a men’s luxury watch to truly be considered a luxury, it must be a timepiece that reflects centuries of watchmaking history. Reputation isn’t achieved overnight, and it takes time for a brand to develop a loyal following and develop a trusted reputation. Fortunately, the brands with centuries of history and an enduring reputation in the world of men’s luxury timepieces and deliver thousands of watches.


The Tank watch was created by Louis Cartier during the twentieth century, inspired by the newly invented military armoured vehicles of the First World War. The prototype was first presented to General Pershing in 1917, and the Cartier Tank made its public debut in 1919. Early Tank watches had a rectangular case with a square bezel and two side pieces that served as strap connectors. These watches are now among the most iconic and sought-after among men.

The prowling Panther is the trademark symbol of Cartier. The brand also celebrates the wildcat symbol with the Cartier Panther collection. This collection is highly sought after on the second-hand market. Cartier has a deep connection with jewellery making, and many of their watches fit both men’s and women’s wrists. However, they also offer a men’s collection to suit every taste and budget.

Audemars Piguet

This watch was Founded in 1875 in the small mountain town of Le Brassus, the Swiss company Audemars Piguet has been a world-renowned luxury watch brand ever since. With its headquarters in Le Brassus, Switzerland, this Swiss watchmaker has remained a family-owned company to this day. The company’s watches have been designed to add to their value and are available in limited numbers.

As a Swiss watchmaker, Audemars Piguet has been known for its impeccable craftsmanship and impressive heritage. As part of the famous ‘Big 3’ Swiss watchmaking companies, Audemars Piguet has long been regarded as one of the world’s best luxury watches. Their watches feature features such as a perpetual calendar and minute repeater and are often described as perfect works of art.

Patek Philippe

Known for the exquisite craftsmanship of their watches, Patek Philippe makes every effort to create the best timepiece possible. Using the latest technology, each piece is made by hand, and artisan skills are valued, as well as meticulous attention to detail. Patek Philippe luxury watches have been the choice of royals and prominent businessmen for over 150 years. In fact, almost every model from these two families resells for well over retail price on the secondary market.

The brand is famous for its Patek Philippe Nautilus sports watch, this elegant timepiece was designed by Gerald Genta, and took its inspiration from a porthole. Originally, this model was available in a stainless steel case, and it still holds the top spot today.


Purchasing a luxury watch can be a daunting task, especially when you’re not sure where to start. Men wear a variety of different accessories to express themselves, from a smartwatch to an expensive dress watch. In addition to being a great fashion accessory, men may also collect different brands of watches. Some of the most popular brands include Omega, Cartier, and Breitling.

While many luxury watch brands in Dubai have years of experience, a few are emerging. Companies like Bell & Ross, which first launched in the 1980s, have been able to successfully make the transition through successful advertising campaigns and well-crafted timepieces. Men have also gotten involved in the luxury watch industry and have invested in high-quality timepieces to showcase their character. It is also an investment in the ego of the owner.

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