There are three key variations between gas and electric water heaters.

A Water Heater Singapore is required in every house in order to provide hot water for the faucets and other plumbing fixtures. They are essential to the heating process since you would have to manually heat the water without them.

Gas and electricity are the two main methods to heat water, despite the fact that there are other varieties of water heaters available. There are benefits to each kind of water heater over the others. In this post, you will discover the key differences between an electric and a gas water heater, including size, price, and efficiency. But let’s first discover out what they really are:

What is an electric water heater?

Electric water heaters are a kind of heater that use electricity to heat water. This shows that the heating components of the tank-style or tank-less water heater are driven by electricity.

Electric water heaters, especially electric instant or tank less water heaters, are popular in Malaysia because of their inexpensive startup costs, efficient use of energy, and compact design.

What is a gas water heater?

Gas water heaters are also available in Malaysia, but less often than electric ones. As the name implies, burning fuelβ€”most usually natural gasβ€”is typically included in the process of heating water with gas.

It usually begins to operate as soon as a hot water line is opened. When the tap is opened, a sensor detects the water flow, which sets off the gas burner. As a consequence, water is heated and is accessible from the faucet at room temperature.

Comparison of gas and electric water heaters

1. Water heater price

One of the key differences between gas and electric water heaters is their pricing. Electric water heaters are often less costly to purchase. Because it has fewer components and does not have a gas regulator or burner, it is somewhat less expensive up front.

The typical monthly running cost of a gas or electric water heater will vary depending on how much water you use each month, the size of your home, and the price of energy or gas at the moment. Since gas is often a little less costly than electricity, gas water heaters typically have lower operating costs per month than electric water heaters.

When operating expenses for both heaters are considered, you could be inclined to think that gas water heaters are always less costly than electric heaters. However, it’s not always the case. Why? Because natural gas lines are present in every house, they often lead to the kitchen. If you want a gas water heater, you will need to spend additional money to extend the pipes to the location where you want to place your water heater. Additionally, for safety considerations, gas water heaters are often installed outside of bathrooms. Because of this, finding installation space outside of the bathroom will need more effort on the part of the plumber or installer. Thus, even though a gas water heater has a low daily running cost, the initial and installation costs are often greater, which is why electricity is frequently utilized for water heaters in Malaysia despite gas’s lower daily operating cost.

2. Environmentally friendly practices or energy efficiency

If you want a hot water heater that is ecologically friendly, you must compare the consequences of both kinds of heaters. When compared to gas water heaters, electric water heaters are often more ecologically friendly. This is because a range of renewable energy sources, like solar or hydropower, may be used to generate electricity. Therefore, you are helping to reduce global warming by choosing to utilize energy to power your water heater.

Gas water heaters, on the other hand, can only be powered by natural gas. Because it produces so many greenhouse gases, the process of extracting a gas itself is harmful to the environment. Additionally, owing to their lesser efficiency than electric heaters, gas water heaters are less ecologically friendly than those.

3. Water heater size

When it comes to water heater sizes, there are primarily two options: tank and tankless. Tank water heaters sometimes need more space and longer heating time, but they provide you consistent hot water and pressure. On the other side, tankless water heaters are more compact yet have poor water pressure.

The size of an Electric Water Heater is often smaller, making it simple to put on the bathroom wall. However, despite not having a tank, gas tankless water heaters are still much larger than their electric equivalents. This is so that gas water heaters with extra components like a burner, regulator, and other features can avoid gas leaks. Additionally, because the gas water heater must be constructed outside of your home, you must make room for the pipes that will exit your home, which may take up additional space.

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