5 Tips for Kohl’s Customers to Earn Money Back on Every Purchase!

As a beacon of retail excellence, Kohl’s reigns supreme with nearly 1,200 stores across the US and a loyal following in the Midwest. From clothing to home decor, Kohl’s is the ultimate destination for all your shopping needs.

In the market for a new kitchen appliance? Look no further than Kohl’s. The retailer boasts an impressive selection of high-quality appliances, from coffee grinders to waffle makers, that will elevate your culinary creations.

However, Kohl’s is not just a discount store but a full-fledged department store complete with a Sephora. While Kohl’s is known for its impressive deals and discounts, there are even more ways to save on shopping excursions. Savvy shoppers have learned to snag deals just as good (if not better) than those at TJ Maxx.

From fashion to home goods, toys, and more, Kohl’s is a one-stop shop for the entire family. And with these insider shopping hacks, you’ll be able to nest your savings with every purchase.

Earn Kohl’s Cash Back with Effective Approaches

Stack Up Discounts to Earn Big!

When it comes to stacking up multiple coupon codes, Kohl’s walks ahead in the pack, unlike some retailers who limit customers to only one promo code per purchase. 

You can stack up to a whopping four!

Of course, some rules and restrictions should be kept in mind. For example, you can use only one sitewide percentage-off coupon when shopping online. And some items, such as designer clothing and beauty products, may be exempt from sales.

However, customers can still combine multiple dollars-off or percentage-off coupons when shopping within one store department. Additionally, you can use numerous coupons, such as Kohl’s Cash Back or additional rewards, to further sweeten the deal.

Save With Monday & Wednesday Special Discounts

Mondays are a day of honor for those who have served in the military (or are currently serving) and their families, as they can enjoy a 15% discount on their in-store purchases at Kohl’s.

Similarly, Wednesdays are senior-friendly, as shoppers who are 60 or older can snag a 15% discount on their in-store purchases.

Although there are some restrictions to keep in mind, such as the discount can’t be combined with other percentage-off coupons or age-related deals and discounts, it also can’t be used on specific brands, products, or gift cards.

Purchase Through Rewards Sites

Kohl’s prides itself on offering great in-store and online deals, but sometimes you may find better bargains online. In addition, Kohls.com may have additional merchandise and more extended sales, so check out the website if you can’t find what you’re looking for at your local store.

Cash Back websites like RebatesMe are a great way to get even more discounts when shopping online. Using an extension of these sites, you can earn up to 3% Kohl’s Cash Back on your purchases. This add-on helps you find the best deals and purchase items from the store applicable to various brands. 

You can also acquire gift cards, the latest promo codes, coupons, deals, and discounts. So, it’s time to browse the best online discount offers and save money without delay.

Consider Purchasing Products with Special Offers

Uncover hidden gems at Kohl’s, where sale prices are aplenty. But why settle for any deal when you can get the most budget-friendly option? Allow us to lead the way. For example, the great Pottery Barn backpacks at Kohl’s, regularly priced at a luxurious $74.00, are now gracefully marked down to a mere $55.50.

And the savings don’t stop there, my dear shopper. Take advantage of Kohl’s complimentary shipping on all orders above $49 and stack on a coupon code for an extra dash of savings. Your wallet will thank you.

Leverage Price Matching

Unleash the power of bargaining at Kohl’s. Why pay full price when you can have the best of both worlds? At Kohl’s, the art of price matching is alive and thriving. 

But, like any great strategy, there are a few rules to follow, such as:

  • When shopping in-store, compare prices with Kohls.com. The physical store will match the price if the item is priced lower online. But beware, the deal only applies to competitors’ physical stores, not their online counterparts.
  • Fret not online shoppers; Kohls.com has got you covered too. If you find a lower price on a competitor’s website, you have to contact Kohl’s, and they will match the price for you.

Remember that price matching may not be available during big sale events and promotions. But, with a little bit of savvy shopping, you can still come out on top.

Spend less. Get more.

While it’s easy to spot the apparent deals, true bargain hunters know that there are countless ways to stretch your savings even further. Timing is everything, take note of the sale schedule and look for opportunities to stack coupons. Then, maximize your savings by signing up for a Kohl’s Card or one of the top rewards sites.

And as a pearl of wisdom, remember that Kohl’s Cash Back has an expiration date. Thus, track your voucher’s expiration date and add cash to the Kohl’s app to ensure you don’t miss out on any savings opportunities. So keep more cash in your wallet, and shop smarter at Kohl’s.

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