Top Brands of Gas Stoves in India

Kitchens are not complete without gas burners, which heat up far more rapidly and do not require energy as electric cooktops do. They are useful and have a number of features. There are several options for size, shape, design, and color. You may consider the gas stove’s ISI accreditation, safety features, design, convenience of use, and other factors while choosing the ideal one for your house. View our ranking of India’s top gas stove manufacturers. which can assist you in making the finest market decision.


The American manufacturer of household appliances Whirlpool is situated in Michigan. Whirlpool is the pinnacle of creativity and easily available technology in India and offers excellent items to customers. The company’s long-term brand goal is to establish a strong connection with clients by providing innovative solutions for managing their lives and their homes.

Major characteristics of this Whirlpool gas stove

  • It features cast-iron grids and enamel burners.
  • The surface’s smoothness makes cleaning and stain resistance easier.
  • The materials utilized to make these gas stoves are of the highest quality.


  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • Rust-resistant cast iron grids
  • More durable


  • Using auto-ignition is not better


Indian company Prestige sells high-quality cookware and kitchenware. The pressure cooker produced by the firm is its most well-known item. In the past 50 years, TTK Prestige Limited has grown to be one of India’s leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances by meeting the needs of the country’s housewives. Prestige products are among the finest options for millions of families because they are built on the pillars of innovation, safety, trust, and durability. For more branded products visit PriceGoogly.

Significant characteristics of this Prestige Gas Stove

  • Cast iron pans are supported by the stove
  • A lifetime guarantee for the glass-top stove is provided.
  • The burners are spaced well for simple cooking.


  • Allows for auto-ignition
  • Rubber feet provide simple support.
  • Strengthened steel and glass


  • For pipeline connections only


Stovekraft Limited’s main brand, Pigeon, is one of the most well-known cooking equipment producers in India. The company brings you the greatest items by beautifully fusing technology with style and beauty. Gas stoves, pressure cookers, mixer grinders, non-stick cookware, and chimneys are among their quality and varied product offerings. You may also look at the list of the best induction cooktops in India if you’re searching for more items for your house and kitchen.

Important characteristics of this Pigeon Gas Stove

  • Enhances the visual appeal of your kitchen
  • Simple to combine with chimneys
  • Resists fracturing and breaking


  • Heat- and spill-resistant
  • A comfortable gripping grip


  • Maybe ineffective customer service


In India, Butterfly, which is owned by Gandhimathi Appliances, has made a name for itself as a pioneer and market leader in the field of kitchen appliances. Over the years, the brand has established itself as a household name among millions of Indians. Butterfly uses cutting-edge technology to provide stylish kitchen appliances including LPG burners, Tabletop Wet grinders, Mixer Grinders, Blenders & Sandwich Makers.

Key characteristics of this Butterfly Gas Stove

  • Highly efficient thermally
  • Rust-resistant enamel-coating
  • Aluminum mixing tube 


  • Small in scale
  • Long-lasting and made to last
  • Utilized flame-resistant material


  • Lack of an autoignition characteristic


Indian home appliance company Sunflame was founded in 1982. The company is renowned for its stylish and reasonably priced goods. For over three decades, it has been a fixture in Indian kitchens, aiming to give housewives cutting-edge innovation and create a rich and enjoyable cooking experience. Sunflame investigates the potential of new technologies, designs, innovations, and features with a strong focus on R&D in order to create better solutions for its customers.

Significant characteristics of this Sunflame gas stove

  • No jagged edges
  • The decent separation between the burners
  • Cooktop made of toughened glass


  • Adaptive design
  • Safe use of knobs
  • Fast and simple access to burners


  • It may become tough to clean if oil deposits itself around the sides


Italian company Elica SPA was established in 1970 and produces boilers, kitchen hoods, and induction ranges. It is well known for its chimneys and kitchen hoods. Elica provides a large selection of kitchen items with distinctive designs and outstanding functionality.

Important characteristics of this Elica Gas Stove

  • A gas stove that uses less fuel
  • Offers the most convenience
  • Spill-proof construction
  • With a glass top and stainless steel body


  • High-end glass top
  • Resists rust
  • European-coated grid


  • Provides a manual ignition


The Indian company iBELL is established in Kerala and sells high-quality, fashionable, and robust consumer goods. It provides kitchen appliances, security systems, tools & machines, residential appliances, and entertainment items. Excellent gas stoves with all the necessary safety features are available from iBELL. It is well-known due to the affordable rates and prompt after-sales services and support.

Important characteristics of this iBELL Gas Stove

  • Greater balance during cooking is provided.
  • Distinctive and reliable pan support
  • Modern style and design


  • Durable glass top
  • Heat-resistant
  • Smooth knobs


  • Flare level might not be ideal.


Lifelong is an Indian company with headquarters in Haryana that sells high-quality items for personal care, sports, fitness, health, and well-being. In order to provide customers with a superior and distinctive experience, the company performs thorough research and produces high-quality items appropriately.

Significant characteristics of this Lifelong Gas Stove

  • Great value for the money
  • Enables convenient cooking
  • Dependable brand
  • Superior brass was used


  • Control of the flame and the ignition
  • Anti-slip shoes
  • A backside inlet pipe


  • Heavy soot accumulation


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