This is Why Aussie Businesses Love Stubby Holders for Promotions

When it comes to marketing today, promotional materials may be considered old school. But the reality is that promotional items are still a great way for businesses to showcase their brand and values through items that are functional and useful for customers and new clients alike. But out of all the promotional materials out there, why do people choose stubby holders?Β 

The reason is that stubby holders are the best choice for Aussie businesses to align with Aussie people.Β  In short, stubby holders are an Aussie staple. They are used at all the barbecues all the beach days, and all the days spent outside in summer and are a great choice for movie nights indoors too.Β 

With their functional design, when drinks aren’t in a cooler or the fridge, they stay cold in stubby holders, they also keep your hands neat, and allow you to comfortably go along with your day without bothering with your drink going warm.

Stubby holders in Australia align with the idea of having a cool drink on a warm day, especially when outdoors, and by capitalising on this, companies can easily boost brand recognition.Β 

So without further ado, here’s why people love to use stubby coolers for promotional material:Β 

Easy-to-Use Item

Stubby holders are straightforward and relatively simple to use. You can start drinking immediately by simply sliding them onto the bottom of the aluminium can or glass bottle of your choice. It is as easy to use and operate and requires no complicated assembly, internet connection, or even connection to a power outlet.

Great For All Ages

Stubby holders are suitable for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Although stubby coolers are often used for alcohol, you can also use them for cans of soda or just water. This means stubby holders can be a great promotional product for bringing your brand and business directly into the hands of potential customers if your business targets families and customers of all ages.

Great Space for Promotion

If you think about it, a promotional pen can only fit one line of writing or a small logo, and pins can only fit a small promo image, stubby holders on the other hand afford a lot more space for personalisation at a much more reasonable cost. You can incorporate photos, writing, logos, and fun prints. The options are endless.Β 

Use For Years

In Australia, stubby holders can be distributed as promotional items at any time of year. During the summer, when they go to the beach and have picnics in the park, they will use it. Stubby holders keep people’s hands from getting too cold or wet while they drink their favourite ginger beer in the winter. With proper care and use, stubby holders can also last a long time, so investing in one can provide long-term returns for your brand and business. This will keep costs low and returns as high as possible.Β 

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