3kw solar panel price in India with subsidy

There is no getting around the reality that power prices are rising, and this tendency will only get worse. Why not invest in a solar system if you’re trying to figure out how to reduce your electricity costs while still making a profit?

A 3KW system may provide enough energy to run a typical Indian home. Three different arrangements are possible for this solar system.

Learn more in this blog post about the pricing range, various kinds, subsidies, and practical applications of 3 KW solar plants.

Powerful solar systems like the 3 kW system can power everything but 2-ton air conditioners. The system is perfect for using solar electricity to individually illuminate your houses, separate floors, villas, and workplaces without relying on the main electrical grid. It is made up of monocrystalline panels and has an inverter efficiency of over 97% and a module efficiency of over 16%. You may also like Solar Project Management & Consultancy here.

The majority of residences have a water pump, a refrigerator, a cooler, a TV, a washing machine, a laptop, lights, fans, an iron press, and other amenities. The solar inverter’s capability is 3KVA when a 3KW off-grid solar system is installed. As advised by experts, we only use 80% of the inverter’s capability at maximum load. When considering typical residential loads, the range will be between 10% and 50%. We discovered a list of home appliances and the needed load to run them, according to a survey of 75% of homes.

Three different kinds of 3 KW solar systems exist on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid.

Let’s examine the three different 3 KW solar system types before examining the pricing range for 3 KW solar plants.

On-grid Solar System of 3 KW

The power grid connects to the 3KW system. The electricity it produces throughout the day is utilized to power the appliances, and any extra is put back into the grid. An on-grid solar system must have net metering, and any excess energy is exported to the utility grid that is linked to the system.

Off-Grid Solar System of 3 KW

The 3KW off-grid system is not wired into the power grid. It creates electricity during the day that is utilized to run the appliances, with any extra energy being stored in batteries for use at night or in the event of a power outage.

With an off-grid solar system, net metering is not an option, and the excess energy is stored in batteries.

Hybrid Solar System of 3 KW

Batteries and the electrical grid are both connected to the hybrid 3 KW solar system. The batteries are charged using extra electricity. The grid receives the surplus energy. As a result, it combines the advantages of solar systems that are on and off the grid.

– A net meter has been fitted.

– The attached solar battery can be used to store excess energy.

3 KW Solar Power Plant Price

Given your knowledge of the various 3 KW systems, you undoubtedly want to know how much a 3 KW solar power plant will cost.

Let me explain it to you: The cost of a 3 KW solar power plant varies based on a number of variables, including the brand and kind of solar panels. In light of this, there isn’t a set cost but rather a general price range. For more information about here – Solluz.co.in.

A 3KW solar system costs between 1,35,000 and 2,10,000. The two most important elements that affect the price of solar panels are listed below:

  • Solar panel type: monocrystalline versus polycrystalline Compared to polycrystalline panels, monocrystalline solar panels are more efficient. As a result, the former usually costs more. A 0.7% yearly deterioration is also experienced with polycrystalline panels. The yearly deterioration rate for mono panels is 0.5%, in contrast.
  • Brand: A multitude of brands produce panels in a range of quality. Unexpectedly, reasonably priced panels from reputable manufacturers feature low-temperature coefficients that offer longer-lasting performance and slower rates of deterioration. As a result, they are well worth the cost.

3 KW Solar Power Plant Price with subsidy

As was previously mentioned, the cost of a 3 KW solar plant in India ranges from 1,35,000 to 2,10,000 rupees. On-grid rooftop solar systems are, nevertheless, eligible for government incentives for homeowners and housing societies.

It’s also crucial to remember that the subsidy only applies to the panels’ L1 rates. What are L1 rates, though, and how are they calculated?

The submission of proposals for solar tenders is encouraged for all registered solar suppliers. The vendor who submits the lowest bid becomes qualified to get the highest allocation rights, and the price they provide becomes the state’s L1 price.


A fantastic way to invest in solar energy is with 3KW solar systems. They provide a strong return on investment and are reasonably priced.

Government grants are also available for 3KW solar panel installations, which can further lower the cost of installation.

Consequently, a 3KW system is a fantastic choice if you want to lower your power costs and transition to a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, the cost of a 3 KW solar plant shouldn’t ever be an excuse for not installing a solar system at home.

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