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Walking is a part of the multi-day outdoor activity known as trekking. It is a kind of strolling done with the intention of discovering and enjoying the surroundings. Trekking may serve as inspiration, aspiration, goal, purpose, party, or social gathering. It might be a destination where you meet new people or it might be an adventure. It might be the tiniest chance to prevent the loss of mother earth’s natural loves for our children and grandchildren. Depending on the needs of the hikers, it can be shortened or prolonged.


Trekking is more challenging than hiking since it puts a person’s ability, stamina, and mental and psychological strength to the test. There are different ways to go hiking, and the culture of trekking differs tremendously depending on the location. In a largely undeveloped setting, it typically occurs on paths.


Hill stations are great places to enjoy nature’s beauty and tranquility. This is a feature of every mountainous region, and the Chopta Trek in Uttarakhand is no exception. It offers the ideal summer retreats with its spectacular lakes, lush meadows, breathtaking mountains covered with snow, gushing waterfalls, and tranquil valleys. Chopta trek offers a lot to everyone thinking about visiting. It provides city dwellers with much-needed downtime in a tranquil environment. With its unique animals, wonderful pathways, and camping spots, Chopta has plenty to offer everyone, whether they enjoy the outdoors or adventure. You can take part in a variety of enjoyable and captivating activities in Chopta throughout your holiday.


Why is it recommended that we travel to Chopta at least once in our lives?


  • The Himalayas inspire everyone who treks through them or travels there. The area’s serene settings and spectacular mountains draw writers, bloggers, photographers, zoologists, and other visitors. There are many reasons to visit Chopta, some of which are as follows:


  • Chopra’s alluring beauty: One can’t help but fall in love with Chopta right away since it is so breathtakingly gorgeous and is positioned in such a way that one can’t help but do so. One of God’s most beautiful and perfect creations is Chopta. It is tranquil and orderly, and it is surrounded by woods.


  • Treks to places like Baniya Kund, Chopta Bugyal, Rohini Bugyal, Deoria Tal, Tungnath, Chandrashila, and others are available from Chopta. One of the few places is Chopta where you can’t just sit down. Simply move about and enjoy what nature has to offer.


  • A portion of the rare Himalayan flora and fauna can be found in Chopta, which is a component of the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. When you arrive in Chopta, you will understand you have arrived in heaven. Numerous birds, animals, flowers, and plants call this paradise home. Visit Chopta to see it for yourself.


  • Camping is a possibility in the Chopta campground. On excellent grazing property, it is wonderful to pitch a tent in the shade of the trees, but you must first obtain permission from the forest service or pay a fee before doing so.


How to Get There


The starting point of the Chopta Tungnath climb is Haridwar, which is conveniently accessible by road, train, and air. This magnificent city is connected to metropolises and other cities by the National Roadway 58 motorable highway. The city is well connected as a result of the frequent bus service between Delhi and Haridwar. Large cities like New Delhi (4-5 hours) and Dehradun are connected by rail systems to the Haridwar Junction Railway Station, which is nearby a variety of hotels (1 hour). Visit Jolly Grant Airport, which is 36 kilometres away and has frequent flights from Delhi. Taxis are reasonably easy to find from this airport to take you to Haridwar.


Favorite Season


The majority of tourists name Chopta as one of the best places to go hiking all year long. However, between the months of March and May, when the weather is pleasant and the surroundings are clear and spectacular, we suggest you take part in this fantastic experience. Clear skies and a revitalising wind will allow you to enjoy its breathtaking sights at their best throughout this walking experience. 


People of Chopta


The holy city of Haridwar is located at the foot of the Shivalik mountains in the Himalayas. It is located in the spiritually significant flow channel of the holy River Ganga. Because so many worshippers gather in this lovely city to offer their prayers and take a bath in the Ganges, the locals are exceedingly kind and welcoming. The villagers are quite welcoming to guests and fervent in their observance of religious holiness. Their familial ties arouse empathy, and their pride in the purity of the city shines through in all they do.

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