Deep Wave Hair: Myths Debunked


First, let’s clarify a few points, whether you are new to deep wave hair care or just searching for the newest 411 on deep wave hair. There is too much misinformation about deep wave sew in extensions and deep wave wigs.

To begin with the basics, the deep wave is a texture that’s becoming increasingly popular among women of all ages. The hair blends seamlessly with natural hair textures, and the result is gorgeous and breathtaking!

Now, let’s dispel some of the most common deep wave hair myths one at a time.

Myth 1: Deep Wave Is Messy & Unmanageable 

The most prevalent myth is that deep wave hair are shabby and unmanageable. This is a total myth! Deep waves are essentially the contrary unless the weave has never been washed and maintained.

Like any semi-permanent installation, regular maintenance and care is the key to glorious and manageable hair.

P.S. If you are new to maintaining the deep wave texture, scroll below to learn the 411 on the glorious texture.

 Myth 2: Deep Wave Hair Is Curly & Coarse 

This myth about deep wave hair being curly & coarse is partly true. You will find deep wave hair with tighter curls depending on the hair and where you buy them from. However, regardless of the tightness of the texture, they aren’t coarse– unless you have non-Remy or heavily-treated hair.

Deep wave textured wigs and weaves from Indique Hair are soft, supple, and healthy with medium luster, making them perfect for any occasion.

Thick and gorgeous deep wave hair 
Thick and gorgeous deep wave hair

Myth 3: Deep Wave Hair Is Difficult To Care For & Style 

When caring for your deep wave sew in, you have to scrub your roots, rinse, apply a conditioner, brush through, blot with a towel, apply gel, scrunch the hair, then you’re set.

Caring for a deep wave wig or weave is no different than caring for type 3 and 4 textures. Use a mild cleanser to remove product build-up and a hydrating conditioner to retain moisture.

As for styling, it’s incredibly easy, whether it’s a sew-in or a loose deep wave wig. You don’t need to handle the hair much because of its s-shaped pattern. You can complete the style component by doing something as basic as parting the hair or adorning it.


Myth 4: Deep Wave Wigs & Sew-Ins Require More Products 

False. A deep wave wig and sew-in don’t require a lot of styling products. You don’t need many hair products to style your deep wave hair. For styling, a good mousse or a styling gel goes a long way.

You should be careful when shopping for shampoo and conditioners. Many are loaded with sulfate and paraben, which are not good for your natural hair or the wig.

Look for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners with stearyl alcohol to keep your deep wave wig and sew-in healthy and moisturized.

Sulfate creates the frosty lather, and while they are effective in removing grease, dirt, and product build-up, the ingredient stips moisture from the strands resulting in dry and brittle hair and dishpan scalp. It is one of the reasons why textured weaves and wigs become frizzy and dull. Parabens are known to dry the hair, irritate your scalp, and fade the color of your weaves and wigs.

Myth 5: Deep Wave Hair Needs To Be Straightened To Look Good

This myth is quite questionable. The whole purpose of wearing deep wave hair extensions or wigs is because of the beauty of the texture. This myth is probably carried on by people who believe curly hair is unattractive!

If you look at Pinterest and Instagram, you will see how effortlessly beautiful the deep wave texture looks without a straightener or a curler. You will also notice that celebs, influencers, and women of all ages cannot get enough of the mesmerizing deep wave texture!

Also, as long as your deep wave extensions are made with virgin or human hair, you can occasionally straighten them for a new look using a flat iron, a blow dryer, and a roller.

Myth 6: Deep Wave Hair Cannot Be Straightened 

Remember how we mentioned there is a slew of misinformation about deep wave hair in the beginning? This is a classic example of contradiction and misinformation about the texture.

Some say deep wave hair should be straightened to “look good,” while others claim you cannot straighten the texture– the entire thing is confusing and misleading.

To clarify, you can straighten your deep wave wig or deep wave sew in extensions as long as they are manufactured using real hair rather than synthetic fibers. Use a heat protectant on the hair and achieve the most stunning hairstyle in no time! Wash the wig to revert to its original texture.

Myth 7: You Should Only Co-Wash Deep Wave Hair 

Indeed, afro and mix-textured hair benefit greatly from co-washing, but washing your deep wave sew-in and loose deep wave wig with water and conditioner is not enough. It can lead to clogged follicles, especially for women with flaky scalp conditions.

Co-washing alone won’t be able to clean your scalp or remove dirt and product accumulation. That’s why experts recommend shampooing once a week & co-washing your weave once or twice a week to keep your deep wave hair clean, moisturized, and fresh.

How To Properly Maintain Your Deep Wave Hair 

3 easy ways to maintain deep wave wigs and weaves 
3 easy ways to maintain deep wave wigs and weaves

Now that the myths have been debunked, it’s time to look at how to properly maintain your deep wave hair. We have broken down the maintenance into sections to better simplify the process.


  1. Washing Deep Wave Hair 

Shampooing your deep wave weave correctly is critical to its longevity. The procedure begins before you even go into the shower. Detangle your weave with a wide-tooth comb to minimize shedding or matting.

Soak your hair under running water and apply a sulfate-free shampoo. Distribute and massage the product between the braids. Rinse and apply a moisturizing conditioner.

Pro Tip: Deep condition to rejuvenate your weave.

  1. Rinsing Deep Wave Hair

Washing your hair is essential for removing oils and eliminating debris and product build-up. However, if you don’t thoroughly rinse your hair, you’re not doing any good. In a downward direction, run water through your hair. Use your fingers to aid in the removal of any hair care products.

  1. Maintaining Deep Wave Hair At Night 

Maintaining deep wave sew in or wigs don’t end with knowing how to wash and rinse them. You also need to know how to care for your hair at night. For starters, avoid sleeping on cotton pillow covers. The fabric absorbs moisture from your weave, and friction causes tangle.

Take your night deep wave care routine further by wrapping your weave with a satin scarf.

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! We have debunked the most prevalent myths about deep waves hair. We hope this blog clarifies and helps you understand the gorgeous texture from a new perspective. Use our simplified hair care above as a guide to maintain your deep wave wig or sew in.


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