Real Talk: Should Children Wear Hair Extensions?


Are you thinking about getting hair extensions for your daughter or are you looking to get a matching hairstyle just like some celebrities like Kylie and her daughter Stormi? Well, if that’s the case, we hope you reconsider. As cute as a mother-daughter style is, using clip ins on your child can be damaging.

Continue reading as we have compiled 4 reasons why kids should not be wearing hair extensions.

Reasons why children shouldn’t wear hair extensions

Hair extensions are not good for children 
Hair extensions are not good for children

If you are wondering if you should let your daughter wear hair extensions, well, the answer is NO! Getting hair extensions should not be the first go-to solution if you are looking to get voluminous hair on your kids. You may think that getting extensions is the easiest way to instantly achieve gorgeous, voluminous-looking hair, but it is not the right thing for a kid.

If your kid has thin hair, hair extensions should not be the first solution on your mind. You could always research and find natural oils that assist hair growth and nourishment. Try out multiple healthy practices for getting voluminous hair; hair extensions should not be the solution, especially for your kids.

Here are 4 compelling reasons why children shouldn’t wear hair extensions. 

  1. Getting extensions causes hair loss and breakage at a young age 

Think about getting hair extensions on your kid who is in the growing stage and suffers from hair loss and breakage later. By then, it will become quite challenging in a child’s life to maintain the hair and get back naturally healthy hair. So it is always better to prevent it than curing.

Once lost, it will be hard to return to the original one and leave that choice of getting a transformed look with hair extensions to your kids are old enough to decide.

  1. Extensions will slow down the natural hair growth 

Getting extensions on children leads to hair loss and breakage and slows down the growth rate of their natural hair. There are always better and more appropriate solutions out there! It requires a little more effort to get your hands on them.

  1. Hair extensions cause discomfort and strain on the scalp of the kid

As a parent, you want your child to look their best, it is every parent’s dream. However, extensions like clip ins are not the solution.  Remember that your child is young and hair follicles are still growing. Adding extensions will only cause discomfort and strain your little one’s scalp.

Is getting hair extensions on children a good idea? 
Is getting hair extensions on children a good idea?
  1. Extensions are harmful to a child’s self-esteem 

In one way, getting curly hair extensions on your kid will lead them to believe that her natural hair is not beautiful enough to fit the standards of society. If the adults around her do not appreciate her true beauty and let the kids hide her true self, there is a high chance that it will lower the self-esteem of the child. This will make them feel unworthy of existence.

So it is essential that parents affirm their child’s beauty every day and allow them to embrace one’s beauty rather than pressuring them with societal standards. As a parent, one must also decide whether a child is ready for the extensions.


These are some of the counter-effects your child will face if you are looking to get extensions at a young age. Let kids be kids. Incorporate your child’s natural hair to create matching mother-daughter hairstyles for the holidays or birthdays.

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