Designing Contemporary Outdoor Patios

The majority of homeowners, while planning for a new home, take into consideration the requirement for some form of outdoor space located back the house. A deck or patio is an excellent space for entertaining guests and hosting get-togethers. Additionally, there is a plethora of selections accessible to choose from in order to personalize a patio area and make it feel more like your own home. In order to make the most of the time you spend outside, it is essential to ensure that your patio is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t matter if you’re just giving your old patio a facelift or building a brand new one from the ground up; making informed selections about the goods you use and the way you decorate it can make a world of difference. Check out some of our best outdoor patio design ideas to help you get inspired and construct the ideal patio that is tailored to your way of life.

Outdoor Furniture for Patio Decks

Those outdoor sofas with deep, soft cushions might work on a large deck or terrace, but most apartment balconies and uncovered patios are just too small for them. If it rains, the cushions will get wet, and putting them away will take up too much space.

Try to think more like a French café instead of going big. A bistro set (see picture below) doesn’t take up much space and gives you a casual place to sit and eat. It’s heavy enough to stand up to the wind and easy to wipe clean. If you want to save money, you can look for used items on Facebook Marketplace or look for sales at a local furniture store. Of course, the furniture you choose will depend on how you plan to use the room. Lounge chairs are a must if you want to get some summer sun. But if you’d rather have a place to hang out with friends, a nice table with chairs and an umbrella is a great choice.

Use a Fire Pit to Make Your Patio Cozy All Year Round

In recent years, patio fire pits have experienced a spike in popularity. And with justification! A patio fire pit will ward off nighttime chills and create the ambiance of a campfire in your own garden. The warmth of a patio fire pit makes it an enticing outdoor place for hot afternoons and crisp autumn evenings.

Need inspiration for incorporating a fire pit into your outdoor living space? This specific patio fire pit has curved, modern lines that make it a wonderful conversation piece and a terrific area for gatherings around the fire!

The Best Outdoor Patio Lights

What are the finest patio lights for outdoor use? There is no correct response to this question. Outdoor patio lighting can set the ambiance and define the style of your patio.

For instance, a patio festooned with fairy lights and bathed in the warm glow of small, glittering lights beckons you to relax. Whether hung from trees or a pergola, string lights can create a peaceful, soothing environment.

For a more rustic appearance, you can illuminate your patio with torches or lanterns that provide larger amounts of light. Less delicate in appearance, metal lanterns or bamboo or wood torches can give your patio a more rustic atmosphere.

Using well-placed real or artificial candles to bring light to your room, you may create a spot to relax that is somewhere in the middle.

Patio Furniture Color Schemes

To establish a suitable color palette for patio furniture, it is essential to consider the surrounding surroundings.

Observe the trees and flowers in your environment, as well as the characteristics of your home and patio, to determine what works. Choose colors and a design that complements your personal flair.

Examine these luxurious teak seats placed on a patterned stone patio. Bright patio cushions balance off the dark wood and stone elements. Additionally, according to Pantone’s 2020 Color Trend Report, these burnt orange cushions sit midway between Saffron, Orange Peel, and Cinnamon stick.

If bright colors aren’t your thing, opt for softer pastels to create a Floridian patio color plan in your outdoor space. Add pottery, cushions, and throws in Coral Pink and Biscay Green to complete the theme.

Want a nautical vibe with timeless hues? Decorate your patio with Brilliant White and Navy Blazer, and then add smaller accents in Biscay Blue or Flame Scarlet to provide some variety.

The benefit of integrating color with patio chair cushions and other decorative items is that you may vary the room from season to season to reflect your ever-evolving sense of style.

Make a Small Patio Feel Bigger

Less is more when it comes to creating the sense of a larger area. To eliminate attention and provide more visual space, refrain from decorating your patio excessively.

Instead, utilize surrounding space and maintain simplicity. If your patio provides you and your visitors with a beautiful view, slant your seats to take advantage of it. In addition, try placing a small barbecue off to the side of your patio to provide your guests with more space to enjoy the outdoors.

Draw the eye upward by suspending string lights or tall plants from your patio’s ceiling.

To create the idea of a longer patio, strategically place plants over the patio and into the yard.

Patio Grilling Stations

The opportunity to barbeque and organize outside gatherings is one of the benefits of a patio.

A gorgeous grilling station with extra counter space for food preparation and plating is sure to dazzle guests. A grilling station can be simple or elaborate, with wood cabinetry surrounding a brushed metal grill.

Garden Patio

A small patio does not have to be dull. Unique furniture with ornate details can transform a patio into an extravagant seating area. Consider this stunning patio table set made of wrought iron as an example. Using a cafe table and chair set, it is possible to reproduce the ambiance of a French provincial cafe. To take this to the next level, surround your patio with plants.

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