How Does Web Hosting Services Affect Your Website’s Ranking?

Currently, all kinds of businesses are exploring new avenues to boost their online presence. To grow into a new region or expand your existing closer base, several techniques are getting implemented. Often these approaches bring heavy expenses and consideration nonetheless they can produce great results as well.

Many business owners invest in promotional tactics, marketing strategies, and various other methods to rank higher on search engine rankings. However, there is one assured way to boost your online presence overall.  When you see reliable web hosting services, you rest assured knowing they will offer positive outcomes. If you want to optimize your current ranking in search engines we advise you must invest in trustworthy web hosting. In this post, we will offer some insight into how Cheap web hosting Services selection can affect your search engine rankings.

Why it is Necessary to Choose Reliable Web Hosting Services?

A dependable Web hosting Company can guarantee great performance if you buy the best web hosting Services from them. Most business owners want to grow and expand their operations. But often ignore the basic necessity for reliable assistance.

With a stable and dependable web hosting solution, you can perfectly manage high-traffic volumes. You can further secure your sensitive information against online attacks and support your working processes. The necessity for a reliable service gets emphasized when you pick an untrustworthy provider. For instance, when your selected service provider isn’t delivering promised uptime or adequate resources, your website will suffer badly.

Therefore it is most useful to know in advance the standard of service a web hosting services provider offers. You must research and evaluate customer feedback to gain this information. Before committing your business to web hosting services, you must perform a thorough evaluation of reliability.

5 Web Hosting Services Factors That Affect Website Ranking

5 Web Hosting Services Factors That Affect Website Ranking

Slow website loading

When you mistakenly pick the wrong service provider it can produce negative performance issues. Your website will perform poorly with slow page loading times. Website owners globally know and understand the value of speed and seamless performance. That is why often when selecting the Best web hosting Services they give higher awareness to page loading times. Because having slow performance on the website can create major losses for the business. Your visitors expect your website to display its content within seconds. However, when your website runs slow, visitors will exit and perhaps never return.

Also, not only do slow websites get associated as a bad indicator, even search engines won’t rank you higher. For example, Google positions high importance and preference on fast-performing websites in their first-page results. It is always advised to stay away from buying an internet hosting service from dubious sources. Also, evaluate the data center infrastructure and networking elements before attaching a web hosting services to your website. 


In the previous point we discussed the negative influences of slow performance, however, having downtime is even worse. It indicates that your website isn’t available online for your visitors and customers. This can lead to a poor reputation and current customers losing their confidence in your business entirely. Most significantly when you experience downtime, search engines also take notice. They will mark your website as an unreliable platform and won’t place you higher in rankings. 

Not only your ranks will suffer, but also if the downtime duration gets extended your website will get permanently blacklisted or blocked. That is why when you select web hosting services; try to locate the most promising one with an assurance of higher uptime. A reliable service provider will offer 99.90% uptime and positive performance.

Database connection failures

Your system can get overloaded if suddenly your website receives a lot of visitors. Typically, this type of issue gets presented as an internal server error or database connection failure. It implies that your website is experiencing trouble accessing a database that will display its content. This kind of error repeatedly occurs when there is high demand or busy networks. When a vast majority of internet users access a file or website at the same time, the server gets overburdened. For instance, often a viral video keeps buffering because a large number of people are watching it at the same time.

To prevent this thoroughly there are effective measures that could help to ease off the server’s heavy load. You can start caching files or offloading certain web pages. When you do this, the connection will get less load and in return perform as per your necessity. Moving to a dedicated and perhaps even VPS hosting environment is an additional option. 

Assuming your website is presently working on a shared server, it is appropriate to shift your operations to either of these choices. You will not get negatively affected on VPS or dedicated servers when there is high demand. Similarly, you will get dedicated resources that are meant for your individual consumption.

Shared Hosting

A shared server, among the most widely utilized platforms, typically presents issues after a while. Since all your server’s resources get shared and utilized by several users your performance gets impacted greatly. Also, even the IP address gets commonly utilized, implying the possibility of getting blacklisted gets high. Your website can become an easy target for hackers of malicious content when you function on a shared server.

Your search engine’s ranks will likely suffer because with ongoing attacks your website will get labeled as an unsafe platform. You can reduce these issues by switching to much more advanced web hosting services. And even if you choose a reliable service provider for shared hosting, you will get assurance of secured services across the board.

Wrong TLD

Top-level domains need to get considered properly when you establish a business website. Your URL is the first thing people notice which is why it requires adequate attention from your end. A domain name act as the identification of your website among the sea of competition. For example, the commonly used extensions are .com. org, etc.

When you use a particular domain name for your website, it will assist your customers to recognize your brand immediately. Also, when you use dissimilar TLDs, it can create issues making it difficult to remember. 

We suggest you must pick a globally recognized TLD .com for your website. These types of domains will get high search engine rankings. Having said that it is not entirely true because oftentimes your content or hosting service further plays a large part.


The profitability of any business depends on the effective use of advanced services. We advise using reputable hosting services if you wish to appear higher on the results pages of search engines. You can’t simply overlook your web hosting when discussing SEO-related efforts.

Issues like slow performance, downtime, or weak security can lead to major losses. All of this is completely avoidable by getting reliable solutions. We believe if you are preparing to launch a website, then you must evaluate your Web hosting provider’s standards. 

In this post, we highlighted some key factors that presented how unreliable hosting service can impact your website rankings. To reduce this concern you have to select a trustworthy service Web hosting provider delivering reliable hosting. 

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