How to Draw An Easter Egg Easily

How to Draw An Easter Egg. Easter is one of the funniest and most popular holidays we celebrate. It’s time for Easter bunnies, colorful decorations, treats, and Easter eggs.

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When planning how to decorate your Easter eggs, knowing how to draw an Easter egg can be very helpful.

The guide you’re about to read will show you how to draw and design your eggs, so be sure to read on to see how it’s done!

How to Draw An Easter Egg

Step 1

To get started with this tutorial on how to draw an Easter egg, let’s start with the shape of the egg itself.

With a steady hand, you can draw the rounded egg as it looks in our reference image.

However, drawing a perfect oval egg can be tricky, so there are a few options you might want to try if you need help.

You can print out the first step of this guide and use it to trace or even draw the decorations in it if you are struggling.

However you draw the egg, we can start decorating once you have the shape!

Step 2

Now that you have the egg outline, it’s time to start decorating! We have specific guides that we’ll be working on in this guide, but once you’ve mastered the design ideas, you can apply what you’ve learned to your designs as well.

Start decorating your Easter egg by drawing near the top, where you can use some sharp curved lines for a wavy pattern.

Then, near the center of the egg, you can draw three wavy lines across the egg to continue the pattern.

The first two wavy lines are a little closer together, while the third is a little further from these two lines.

Step 3

In this part of this tutorial on how to draw an Easter egg, we will once again replicate the detail of the line in the final step.

These three lines still go beyond the previous ones. Like in the previous step, the first two lines are a little closer together, while the third is a little further apart.

Once you have what our reference image looks like, you’re ready for Step 4!

Step 4

This fourth part of your Easter egg design will be beautiful and simple. For this step, you must draw a curved line near the top of the egg.

Then you can add another wavy line near the bottom of the egg.

Feel free to add any additional line detail before moving on to the final more circular details in the next step!

Step 5

Before we move on to the final phase of this guide on drawing an Easter egg, we’ll throw some final details into the mix.

The previous details we added were all line details, and in this one, we will add some circular details.

You can add small to medium circles in almost any area with enough space between the lines.

As you can see in the reference image, some of these circles are very small, while others are slightly larger.

These are the details we’ve added, but before we proceed, feel free to add any other details you’d like!

This can be multiple lines, multiple shapes, or even a few small images.

Step 6

Now that you’ve drawn and decorated the Easter egg, you can complete it with the funniest step!

Like you would paint an Easter egg in real life, you can color your drawing! We used a blue, yellow, and purple color scheme for our example, but this is a step where you can let your creativity run wild.

Feel free to use whatever colors you love for your Easter egg, and since Easter eggs come in all sorts of colors, there’s no wrong way to colorize this image.

Once you’ve decided on the color scheme for your Easter egg, all that’s left to decide is what artistic medium you’ll use to bring it to life.

If I were to color this picture, I would use some nice light-colored acrylic paints to reproduce the feeling of painting a real Easter egg.

Your Easter Egg Drawing is Finished!

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