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Smartphones are an amazing invention of mankind that has opened ways for comfort and easier usage of many things. As far as smartphone apps are concerned, they help us in several ways that were not possible some years ago. Among various apps that are created for entertainment purposes, there are many apps which are created for the ease of the people.

 HRMS Indian Railway app is an example of such a development in the technology sector that has helped many people with the railway routes and timings by pressing only a few buttons on the screen. Let’s find out more details in this article about the HRMS app and know about the HRMS login railway.

What is HRMS Railway App? 

The HRMS also known as the Human Resource Management System has designed a railway app that will allow Railway employees to view the details related to their job, increments, promotions, awards, transfers, postings, leave and training. The HRMS railway app also collects information like family composition as per records and nominations for retirement benefits.

However, this information is not available to employees and it is only there to bring transparency and information to the administration. HRMS railway app is designed to become a single window communication system between railway employees and the administration of HRMS. This app has helped thousands of railway employees stay updated about the various benefits and perks offered by the railway company.

HRMS Railway App Description 

The HRMS railway app has a lot of features that can be availed after performing HRMS login railway. HRMS railway employee mobile app is designed for Indian Railways and the features of this app are created by the developer of the mobile app in collaboration with Indian Railways.

To gain access on the HRMS platform, the employees are required to register themselves using their IPAS number and PF number. After providing the required information, the employees will receive an OTP on their provided mobile numbers and they will need to complete the registration process using the OTP sent to them.

It is important to make sure that correct information is provided and no mistakes are made during the registration. This way you will be able to complete HRMS login Railway. If there is still any confusion or query, the employees may download the ‘Help Document’ on the online portal that will help the employees with several FAQs.

HRMS Railway App Specification 

App Name HRMS Employee Mobile App for Indian Railways
Developed By Center for railway Information System
Category Productivity
System Requirements Android 4.3 and Above
Latest Version V1.0.9
Last Updated On 2nd February, 2022
Available On Google Play Store, Third-Party Websites
License Free
Downloads 100,000,00+
App Size 2.3 MB
App Launched In February 2020

How to Install HRMS Railway? 

If you are interested in HRMS Login Railway, then you need to firstly install the app on your android device. The HRMS railway app is available on Google Play Store to download and install for free however, you can also download the APK file of the app from other third-party sources.

To download and install the app from third-party websites, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the browser on your device and search for HRMS railway app for downloading
  • Open the link with the downloadable APK file
  • Download the APK file on your device
  • Change the setting of your Android device and allow installing apps from unknown sources
  • Open the APK file and click on the Install button
  • The app will be installed on your Android device
  • You can now use the HRMS login railway to gain access to all the employee information

HRMS Login Railway 

HRMS railway app is designed to provide all the necessary information to the employees under the Indian railways. However, to gain access to all the information and details through the app, all employees must perform HRMS login railway.

This way, the employees will be presented with basic information about their jobs, increment and salary related issues.

Availability of HRMS Railway App 

HRMS railway app is available to download for free through various platforms including the Google Play Store and other several third-party websites. If you want to install the app, you can install it through the Google Play Store or you can search on the web for downloadable APK files from other websites.


HRMS Railway app is developed and designed for the convenience of the employees of the Indian Railways. This app provides necessary information to the employees regarding their job, increment, timings and other beneficial details. However, to get the information through the app, everyone must perform HRMS login railway for easier access.

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