Is it safe to repair a smartphone from a third party? A guide from cell phone repair store Airdrie, AB

It is an old problem for Apple users to face the iPhone problem at least once a year. Whatever the issue, whether it’s a screen problem or a battery problem. You likely don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs. You have two options: an Apple repair store or a third-party retailer. 

Now, where will you head?

Despite their outstanding services, Apple repair stores are expensive for ordinary users to afford. In contrast, certain third-party stores offer the same services at an affordable price.

The following article lists some important factors that will make the process easier for you. To better understand third-party stores, let’s dive deep to learn more about them.

Is it safe to choose a third-party repair shop?

This question is hard to answer because the type of store you choose makes a huge difference. Some third-party repair stores are reputable and licensed, using genuine parts. Their technicians have years of experience handling all kinds of smartphones, tablets and computers. Others are unprofessional and their services might not be worth your money spent on them.

It’s up to you to do enough research before choosing a third-party repair store for your device. Otherwise, you can end up with a high-paying bill in your hand instead of an expensive phone that works perfectly fine! If you want quality services for a minimum amount compared to the manufacturer (Apple/Samsung), then going third part repair shop might be beneficial for you.

It is safe to trust third-party repair shops for the following reasons:

High-quality services.

When you choose a third-party repair shop, there are several things to consider. The first thing to consider is the quality of service. Because Certified repair shops offer high-quality services because the manufacturer trains them, uses genuine parts and provides inexpensive repair service.

Trained staff.

Yes! Third-party repair shops are as trained and certified as Apple’s repair staff. Many even have specialties in repairing phones with broken screens or charging ports, which is what most people bring their phones in to be fixed. Many third-party repair shops also use higher quality tools as Apple does.

Authentic third part repair shops use genuine parts.

  • Genuine parts are the best choice for any repair shop. They’re designed and built by the manufacturer, which means they’ll fit your phone’s specific model and will work as the original part did.
  • Many third-party repair shops use genuine parts to replace broken ones because they’re better quality and more durable than cheap alternatives. Using authentic parts often keeps customers returning since they don’t have to worry about another repair job after getting their phone fixed with more affordable pieces in a few months.

The downside of third-party repair shops

Don’t prefer third-party repair stores for the following reasons:

  • Uncertified technicians can make mistakes during the repair. However, certified technicians work professionaly and work efficiently.
  • Third-party repair shops cannot access original equipment manufacturer (OEM) procedures and training materials. It shows they’re not trained in handling your device or its internal components. It can cause permanent damage to your device.
  • They dont offer a warranty which makes the process difficult.

How to find the trusted third-party repair store

  • Ask around. If you know someone who has used third-party repair stores before, ask them about their experience.
  • Check the reviews on Yelp and other sites.
  • Don’t just look at how many stars a store got; read the reviews to understand what people were saying about the repairs they received. This will give you more information on whether or not this is a trustworthy place to take your iPhone in for repairs.
  • Check if they are certified by Apple (or another OEM). This means that Apple and other OEMs have officially licensed them. They are qualified to repair devices without voiding warranties or breaking laws. 

In summary, always take your device to an authorized service provider for repairs, even if it costs a little extra. If you choose to use a third-party repair shop, make sure they are licensed and use genuine parts. Airdrie Ab has different cell phone repair shops. Also, several third-party repair stores offer the best repair services in the town. Their experts are trained as Apple’s store staff. 

You can also check The Mobile Market for the best affordable services in the town. 


Why does Apple not allow third-party repair?

Apple doesn’t want to lose their customers. Therefore, they don’t prefer visiting third-party repair stores. Moreover, certain uncertified third-party stores use cheap parts during your device repair. That damages your device and affects your warranty.

Why are iPhones so expensive to repair?

iPhone repairs are costly because Apple products have always been expensive. The company has always charged high prices, and they don’t compromise on quality. 

Therefore, if you want to repair your iPhone with Apple, it will cost you more than other brands like Samsung or OnePlus, which offer great performance at a lower price.

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