Repair or Replace a Damaged TV? Answered By Lawrence’s TV Repair Shops

When a TV broke back in the day, getting it fixed was the next logical step. Televisions were stored for what felt like ages. Now that warranties are more widely available, we can rapidly replace broken TVs. We can also afford to get a brand-new TV. Because prices have decreased, replacing a damaged TV with a new one is no more unusual.

Suppose a TV has a small electrical problem and needs easily accessible components that are cheaper than a new TV. In that case, you can easily repair your damaged TV yourself or take it to a renowned TV repair shop in Lawrence, KS.  If you’ve had the broken TV for a while, it’s getting old and starts having problems, or you’re simply overdue for an upgrade, replace it.

Continue reading if you want to know more about typical TV problems, how to handle them, when and how to replace a damaged TV, and when not to.

Common Problems Your TV Could Experience

Even though prices have reduced, TVs are fragile, and it is not practical to replace them repeatedly due to their fragility. Additionally, its odds of breaking have increased because it is among the most used electronic devices in most homes.

Let’s look at some typical problems that your TV could experience: and decide whether the solution is to replace or repair it!

Vertical Lines

If several vertical lines are visible on your TV screen, it may indicate that the panel is deteriorating and needs to be replaced immediately. It is typically advised to purchase a new TV rather than changing the LCD due to the high cost of changing the LCD.

Spider Lines

When you switch on your TV, many lines that appear to extend outward from a single spot on the screen indicate that someone or something may have physically touched and damaged your TV by breaking its internal glass. This problem is also unfixable; a new panel is required.

TV Flickers and Suddenly Turns Off

Flickering screens are a common problem, especially with older TVs. When this problem does arise, it frequently does so without any prior notice or indication and brings the Television with it. But switching the TV back on might help to fix the picture momentarily.

The primary processing board of the TV is to blame for the flickering issue.  To put it simpler, to turn the TV off, the board might be communicating with the backlight system over the control line. If you are familiar with jumper wires and how to short two pins, you could try to resolve this problem on your own at home. If anything sounds strange, speak with a specialist.

Take it to a Tv repair shop, and they would need to swap out the LED strip or the processor board to resolve the issue. You might have to pay a hefty amount of money in either situation. 

Strange Borders Around Objects

The TV’s excessive sharpness levels may cause the strange outline surrounding persons and things on the screen. Lower picture sharpness by opening the menu section of your TV to another potential contributing factor is yourhings right.

Your TV uses edge-enhancement processing that may not be required on high-definition screens. Check the manual to find a solution by going to the tv’s service menu if this is the problem.

Unnaturally Long or Compressed Image

This might be a problem with your TV’s ratio, which would be easily resolved by going to the settings tab in your TV’s menu and returning the screen resolution to its original ratio. Out of all the TV issues described here, this one has arguably the easiest issue and solution. Reading your TV manual or looking for assistance online should help if you cannot navigate your TV settings.

When Should Your Repair a TV?

  • When it is new.
  • Has a minor issue/damage.

When Should You Replace a TV?

  • Physical damage to the TV.
  • Reliable Repair technicians are not available.

Visit a Renowned TV Repair Shop in Lawrence, Kansas

Damaged your TV? Not sure if it can be repaired? Take it to a nearby TV repair shop. Do you live in Lawrence, KS, and are you looking for one? If so, don’t worry! There are many reliable and trustworthy TV repair shops in Lawrence, KS, like Budget Repair. 


What are the most common signs of a damaged TV screen?

Here are the most common signs of a damaged TV screen;

  • Colour distortion.
  • Lines and Bars.
  • Fading Screen.
  • Dead Pixels.
  • Fuzzy Screen.

Can leaving my TV on for a long time damage it?

While you can leave a still image on the screen for at least two hours, frequently doing so can result in either temporary or long-term image burn-in.

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