There are both taxis and the St. Martin City Tour available.

St Maarten Private Airport Transfers Princess Juliana International Airport, often known as St. Maarten Airport Transfers. provides transportation to neighbouring islands Anguilla and St. Barthelemy in addition to St. Maarten.

On the southern coast of St. Maarten, there is a place called Princess Juliana International Airport. Marigot is around 12.1 kilometres (or 7.4 miles) from the airport. The distance between the airport and Philipsburg, the French side of the island’s capital. The Dutch side’s capital is essentially the same. The centre of the island is where the airport sits. The distance to Grand Case is around 18 kilometres.

In Saint Martin, are you trying to get a taxi?

From six in the morning until eleven at night, the company is open. for anyone flying off the island. At least two hours before to the time of their planned departure for their international vacation, they should be at the airport. Here, parking is offered for one dollar (US) each half-hour. At the airport, visitors visiting St. Maarten may exchange their cash into euros, dollars, or guilders from the Netherlands Antilles. All three of these currencies are recognised.

The airport itself or a close proximity to it both house a number of car rental agencies. On this rather small island, most of the attractions are not more than a few kilometres away. There are just a few roadways, however, and they are often backed up. Make sure you give enough time to go from wherever you are staying to the airport.

Criteria for Admission

Each person travelling with St. Martin Taxi Service must provide a current passport and a return or onward ticket. This requirement applies to citizens of the United States, Canada, and Europe. In all other cases, an individual must be in possession of a current birth certificate. You need a ticket in addition to a form of government-issued photo identification to go or return. Come on in. For the Tour of St. Martin, taxis

Each and every driver belongs to the Airport Taxi Association, a distinctive group. Uniformed staff members coordinate the on-site taxi service. The expenses have to be made public and available to the driver. Prices for two persons typically vary from $10 to $25. Additionally, costs change based on the zone and the distance that St. Martin Taxi Service must go from the airport. Any more travellers will result in higher prices. You should prepare to pay $1 for each item of baggage you transport. 15% of the total cost is the suggested amount for the tip.


Several airlines, some of which are mentioned below, do St Maarten Private Airport Transfers at St Martin Airport To Hotel. Among the airlines represented are Air Canada, Air France, American Airlines, American Eagle, Continental, Delta, Jet Blue, KLM, United Airlines, and United States Airlines.

Both Dutch and French taxis serve the whole island,

However rates vary depending on which side of the island the taxi is on. In St. Maarten, there is a two-person minimum charge, with each extra passenger paying $4. There is a complimentary piece of baggage for each traveller, and each extra item costs $1. These are typical island prices: Up to two people and all of their baggage may go from Princess Juliana Airport to Grand Case for $25; from Marigot to Grand Case, it costs $15 to $20; from Princess Juliana Airport to any location in Marigot, it costs $6; and from Princess Juliana Airport to Philipsburg, it costs around $15. Please be aware that prices increase by 25% from 10 p.m. to midnight and by 50% from midnight to 6 a.m.

In St. Martin, taxis are also for two people, but you have to pay around $1 for each bag or valise and $2 for every extra traveller. From 6 a.m. until 10 p.m., these prices are valid; afterwards, they rise by 25% till midnight and by 50% beyond that. Grand Case, Princess Juliana Airport, and La Samanna all provide $15 fares from Marigot to Grand Case, Princess Juliana Airport to Marigot, and La Samanna to Princess Juliana Airport.

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