Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Slip and Fall Injury.

According to Kentucky law and personal injury, there are many injuries that fall under the KRS 413.140 rules. Therefore, the law gives you a chance to claim after one year of the injury. The personal injury attorney louisville region has followed the same set of rules and helps their clients accordingly.

However, no matter which state or city you’re from, you must avoid certain mistakes that can impact your case and take away your chance of getting your claims easily and hassle-free. Check out the mistakes to avoid after a slip and fall injury below:

Mistakes to avoid after a slip and fall injuryΒ 

The mistakes below are very common and happen every time there’s a personal injury or accident.Β 

Decline medical assistance.

Refusing to take any medical assistance will not only cause you severe pain that can be easily avoided but also will stop you from getting your claims easily. Medical assistance is one of the most important proofs that can make your case stronger.

Refuse to listen to your physician’s advice.

No matter what kind of injuries you have, in most cases, people who refuse to listen to their physician’s advice suffer the most pain. Doing this can make the condition of your wounds even worse.

Not disclosing the accident to anyone.

Whether your injury is small or big, not telling about injuries to those who are related to the slip and fall accident or involved in the case can do major harm. It is really important to at least inform the owner of the things that caused this accident.

Overlooking to save the video.

Many properties nowadays have CCTV cameras installed outside of the house or sometimes inside too. Checking the footage of the camera when the accident happened can provide solid proof of your statement, allowing you to get your claims faster.

Neglecting taking photos.

Just like the videos, taking photos of each and every detail involved in the accident is necessary. These photos can build up a strong case that shows how you were innocent, and the other party is claiming otherwise.

Neglect to obtain witnesses’ contact details.Β 

You might be in luck if anyone sees you falling and slipping, as they can become your eyewitnesses and give testimony from your side. This can help you prove your case.

Filing a case without the help of an attorney.

One and the most important mistake many people make is not hiring an experienced attorney who can help at every stage of the claim.

Hire a professional attorney today!

In case you have recently met an accident, you must try calling a professional attorney and segregating work into different tasks.

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