Tips to Have an Optimistic Mindset During Defence Exams

An optimistic mind can help you do the impossible and wonders in the world. Well, all the defence exam aspirants must try their best in keeping their mindset optimistic as this will help them grow and face every challenge excellently.

If you think that an optimistic mind is hard to be developed then, you aren’t right here. Anyone willing to grow can develop his mindset positively. If you are a defence exam aspirant yearning to develop a positive mindset, then read this article.

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Grow your mindset positively to ace the defence exams with the help of the suggestions mentioned below:


To stop the endless stream of thoughts during preparations, candidates must embrace meditation. By concentrating on his breathing for just two minutes, the candidate can easily control the stressful thoughts. You’ll experience mental serenity once the chain of negative thoughts is broken. In order to practice mindfulness, your mind must naturally focus on the activities you are performing at the moment. Additionally, consistent meditation will assist you to improve the quality of your defence exams preparations.

Dealing with Frustration

As you prepare for the defence exam, you will experience intense strain from your studies because it is challenging to finish the exam syllabus in a short time. In this situation, you’ll feel frustrated and want to avoid studying for the exam. You need to adopt some self-care tips to deal with the aggravation in the best manner. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from your hard day in the evening by enjoying a cup of soup or coffee. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to keep your problems and ask for better solutions from your loved ones or the people you trust the most.

Healthy Diet

Many specialists discovered that a natural diet actually has a direct correlation with a person’s thoughts and mindset. A person will experience less frustration if he relies on a natural, home-cooked diet. Junk food gives you a drowsy and irate feeling. So, if you want to cultivate a good mindset, stop eating junk food as soon as you can. Focus on eating a diet that is rich in nutrients and enhances brain function as well.

Practice Gratitude

It cannot be disputed that gratitude changes negative energy into positive energy. During your self-care time or while you enjoy a cup of coffee, think of the things for which you have reason to be grateful. This can be a thing, or special moment, or any achievement. Focusing on the things for which you have gratitude is also the best method to make your heart feel light.

Read Good Books

You can develop a positive and peaceful mindset by reading “The Miracle of Mindfulness” by Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh and “The Wings of Fire,” a film based on the life of legendary APJ Abdul Kalam. You could also read the biographies of the people you find most interesting. This will extend your understanding and help you understand some mind-blowing life realities and quotes to grow your mindset.

Quality Study

Never forget the fact that quality study is the real reason behind your success in government exams. If you fail to maintain the quality of your studies then, you are standing very far away from success in the exams. Therefore, it is wise to refer to good study sources and some useful tactics to revise the concepts. In addition to this, keep your timetable suitable for your mental and physical health.

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The tips that are elaborated on above will surely help you in obtaining a postie mindset to ace the defence exams quickly. As a soldier, it is a must for you to work on developing your mindset in a positive direction. So that, you can easily and quickly make wise decisions and help your team get out of a difficult situation.

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