Valorant Smurf Accounts Reviews

As we all know, Valorant is a highly competitive game and it requires enormous time and effort to reach the highest ranks of the game. Moreover, you need to have a specific set of skills to excel and climb up the ranking, not to forget, the patience required to wait until you reach your desired rank.

What if I told you that you can pick a Valorant account of your choice and rank, without having to go through the grind? Wouldn’t it be great?

This is where Valorant ranked-ready accounts come into play. These are smurf accounts that can be bought online and played with. Let’s quickly go through them. 

Advantages Of Buying Valorant Ranked-Ready Accounts

  • Buying a ranked-ready account saves you lots and lots of time and effort.
  • Buying a Valorant ranked-ready account enhances your gaming experience, as you’ll be playing with experienced gamers.
  • Buying a ranked-ready account allows you to join competitions from your very first match.
  • Valorant ranked-ready accounts can be used to test and practice your skills.
  • A Valorant ranked-ready account comes with a lifetime warranty.

What Do People Say About Valorant Smurf Accounts?

The luxury of playing with several accounts or getting a high-ranked account can only exist due to these Valorant ranked ready accounts for sale. But the question here is, are these accounts genuine? Look what people on the internet have to say about it.

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Reviews On Valorant Ranked Ready Account

Robert Henry on a popular blog wrote:

“Recently bought an EU region Valorant smurf account with immortal rank by Riot games. The account was delivered to me immediately after I made the purchase. I highly recommend buying a Valorant account from the website(a popular seller).”

Another user named Doe James described his experience as:

“Bought my second account from this website(a renowned online seller) and received it instantly after the payment was done. Received very good service from Sophia( an employee of that company) and fortunately haven’t faced any problem with my account.”

Some More Reviews FromReddit

Mostly, buyers had only good things to say about their experience of purchasing a Valorant ranked-ready or smurf account.

A user named Henry applauded the customer support of a popular smurf account seller.

He went on to praise Rebecca( a customer care employee in that company) for her warm and patient behaviour. Henry wrote:

“ Rebecca was awesome at her work. The website is 100% genuine and I enjoyed my time with the company. They were kind and always ready to help whenever I faced an issue. You can trust them (referring to the seller), Thanks!”

While the majority had only good reviews, some people complained about not getting the account even after making the payment. One such user wrote:

“ Terrible service and a total scam. I didn’t get my account even after making the payment. Stay away from this website.”

In reply to this, the website wrote about how they didn’t receive any payment from the individual, thus the account wasn’t delivered.

Therefore, the reviews about buying a Valorant smurf account are mixed with people both praising and complaining about their experience. It all comes down to you to make a choice. However, we are in support of getting a Valorant smurf account after doing some research from a genuine seller.

What Do You Get When You Buy A Valorant Ranked Ready Account?

Upon purchasing a Valorant smurf account, you’ll immediately receive a couple of things. Apart from the obvious ones like your username and password, you’ll get access to all in-game cosmetics and features of that particular level.

Depending on the type of Valorant smurf you’ve purchased, your account can have different features, cosmetics or skins.

Types Of Valorant Smurf Account

You can get a variety of Valorant smurf accounts to perform different purposes. Here are a few types of Valorant smurf that you can buy.

  1. Valorant Iron Account
  2. Valorant Bronze Account
  3. Valorant Silver Account
  4. Valorant Gold Account
  5. Valorant Platinum Account
  6. Valorant Diamond Account
  7. Valorant Immortal Account
  8. Valorant Ranked-Ready Account

FAQs About Valorant Smurf Accounts

Where To Buy Ranked Valorant Account?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a ranked-ready Valorant account then you must consider these two indices. How genuine is the process of purchasing and how reasonable is the pricing? After all, if you’re willing to pay money to buy a Valorant ranked-ready account, you desire the best features and hassle-free gaming experience.

Go through he suggestions on how to find the best websites that offer Valorant ranked ready accounts for sale. Andselect the one best suited for you.

Will My Valorant Ranked Ready Account Have Any Skins OrCosmetics?

When you buy a smurf account, you get a basic account version that has already completed 20 unranked matches. However, it’s very unlikely that these basic accounts will have any skins or weapons. Nonetheless, there are special high-tier accounts or ranked-ready accounts that offer skins and features. These ranked-ready accounts will cost a little more than basic smurf accounts but are worth paying for. Thank You For Reading!

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