Why Should I Choose a Remanufactured Gearcase?

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This is the best conversation to discuss the Gearcase Replacement Education Series. I’ll talk about REMANUFACTURED GEARCASES in the conversation. The ins and outs, benefits and drawbacks, good and bad—you get the picture.

Two extremely significant requirements must be met by a repaired or recycled unit:

  • Quality components are required
  • Adopt qualified mechanics in order to satisfy the first requirement

The answer is straightforward: if you use high-quality materials and labor, your item will be the greatest one on the market for keeping you problem-free on the lake. Some businesses offer remanufactured homes without hiring appropriately qualified technicians to assemble them. It’s a good idea to have high-quality components within your gearcase, however, if the technician is not adequately qualified to put the unit together, you have gained nothing. Before purchasing the cheapest rebuilt gearcase lower unit available, complete your research. Due to the expertise of more seasoned technicians, you could pay a little bit extra for their services.

Once you locate a trustworthy rebuilder, you may relax knowing that these units combine the greatest features of both worlds. You should receive genuine OEM components, a product built in the United State by skilled technicians PartsVu ( boat parts from PartsVu ), and a price cut compared to brand-new genuine OEM products. The majority of boaters choose this alternative.

In Brief Remanufactured Gearcases: 

  • Remanufactured gearcases to help you save cost, and provide prices at steep discounts.
  • Remanufactured gearcases are refurbished in the USA by skilled mechanics
  • Remanufactured gearcases provide a full year’s guarantee by default, however, this can change.
  • Remanufactured gearcases include all internal components and are completely changeable with OEM drives.
  • Core fees permit the recycling of your old device, and typical shipping times are 24 hours.

Consider out PartsVu (PartsVu is a leading boat parts company), a reputed rebuilder of lower units and a top provider of boat components. Since we have been selling replacement drives for many years, we are experts in your engine. We provide individualized service and will deliver your device to you with all necessary requirements. Insurance coverage is accepted at any time, and the staff individually handles each one.

 Replacing Gearcases Reality

Let’s discuss a significant issue in the sector that nobody is bringing up. The guide was written to clarify any uncertainty regarding new gearcase selection. You see, not all gear cases are created equal & just because the cost is cheaper does not mean you will certainly save money over time. The issue is that you can’t check what’s inside, would you know what you were looking at? In the end, because you can not check inside, this is the most crucial decision when picking a remanufacturer. Always go with a trustworthy repair person with a stellar reputation like PartsVu.  PartsVu is a leading boat accessories agency near you.

For many years, PartsVu has been repairing lower modules of the boat. The experts have been rebuilding gear cases and are approved by Mercury, Mercruiser, OMC, Evinrude, and Volvo.  The team is specialized in lower units, therefore I thought we should check out the gear cases and lower unit components in our parts area. The pieces that make up the gearcases in our remanufactured replacement lower units are discussed below. Repairable lower units have the advantage of being significantly less expensive than brand-new OEM gear cases. You can trust that the tightest OEM standards are often followed in the construction of your rebuilt lower units.

What may harm the offshore lower unit?

A lot of reasons can harm an offshore motor’s bottom section, however, the following are the frequent ones:

Hit Hurdles in the Water

Rocks, reefs, and other underwater impediments can seriously harm the bottom unit and switch linkage. Perhaps a light rock strike might cause the gearcase to damage or break, resulting in catastrophic consequences, particularly for the casing of the water pump.

Getting Lost

The bottom unit may potentially sustain damage if your ship runs aground. For instance, striking a sandbar might cause the water pump to fail and twist or destroy the propeller.

Getting Hit by Floating Item

The bottom units may also sustain damage if they run into a floating log or similar item. The shaft splines, shift cables, and water pump impeller can all suffer severe harm even when a little object is struck quickly.

Five Symptoms of Lower Outboard System Failure

Five indicators to check if you believe your bottom section may be affected:

Gear oil leakage

The lower unit oil stored in your outboard engine may be destroyed if users observe gears oil flowing out. A fractured casing, a stripping central gear, damaged reverse gears, broken sealing or packers, or any of these items might result in gear oil leakage.

A crunching sound

The sound of crunching is an alternate hint that the bottom of your outboard motor could be destroyed. Crushing sounds could be caused by a variety of different factors, including stripped gears or a bent propeller shaft.

Cracked or Twisted Propeller

The bottom section is likely destroyed if you observe that the propeller is bent or otherwise broken. Going aground, colliding with a floating log or another item, or colliding with underwater obstructions can all result in twisted or broken propellers. It’s crucial to take your offshore to a skilled technician for repair or replacement if you detect any of the following symptoms. It could be risky and harmful to attempt to fix the bottom unit yourself.

Unlocking Motor

Your offshore motor’s failure to spin is a definite indication that the bottom unit is broken if it freezes up. This condition is often brought on by a damaged shift shaft, but it can also be brought on by a cracked propeller shaft or a leaking water pump, and many other reasons.

Propeller Shaft’s Oil Leaking

If oil is coming out of the propeller shaft, then the bottom unit’s covers are actually destroyed. A fractured casing or a bent propeller shaft can also result in oil leakage.


After a breakdown, several approaches you may take to restore your industrial equipment back to working condition. It’s not a wrong decision to save cash on repair parts by not getting new parts, but in the end, the owner has to make a decision that which replacement parts should purchase, recycled, repaired, restored or refurbished, used, or repairable.

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