Best Savage Captions for Facebook Profile Picture

Social media undoubtedly has deeply seeped into the lives of all of us. Now, a majority of us have access to a knowledge of somebody’s appearance virtually. In the jargon of social media profile pictures exactly serve the purpose of giving this access to your friends or people you know. The idea of a profile picture also gives a little authenticity to the conversing parties and with the changing of this profile picture comes a change in the caption as well. 

Captions can definitely be a tricky thing and if the idea is to get people’s attention you may have to do a lot of brainstorming. But you don’t have to worry about that anywhere because in this article we will be providing you with captions for profile picture. So, stick till the end so that you don’t miss out on the most intriguing ones for your Facebook profile or any profile for that matter.

Captions for your Profile that you Must Know (Females)

These are the aesthetic captions for a Facebook profile picture if you are a girl. So, go through them and spread the sass.

  • Life goes on regardless.
  • If Karma doesn’t hit, I will without any inhibition.
  • No GPS but it’s my turn
  • I am everything you want but definitely can’t get
  • I know this ain’t a race but I still get the first place
  • Classy yet Sassy
  • Too good to be bothered
  • Even my selfies are better than you
  • There is no we in fries
  • Don’t misunderstand my kindness for my weakness
  • I might end up being a mess, so why not be a  hot mess
  • Sit up when I walk in
  • My skin is glowing and the money growing
  • I may not be perfect but I am glad that I am not you.
  • Love was in the air and so was your disloyalty.
  • No tag, but I am still it.
  • Definitely not your average neighbor
  • Gotta make them stop and stare
  • I made you look twice didn’t I
  • Rather be a badass with a good ass
  • Thick thighs and thick dedication with thin patience level
  • Bareless is Flawless
  • Life is good because you are in it.
  • If trouble looks this good I definitely want it.

Captions for Facebook Profile Picture (males)

Until now we bombarded you with female-oriented captions, but now here comes the savage captions for your profile that all men out there can use to get the most out of their profile pictures.

  • They call me tripper because I trip bitches.
  • If it ain’t Xo then it gotta go.
  • Really blunt, might as well smoke my truth
  • Be Humble, Sit down.
  • You gotta go get em.
  • In love with the sound that you make when you shut up.
  • You know you are not going to get taxed for minding your own business right.
  • I survive on hustle.
  • I don’t beef, y’all better find someone else.
  • You can treat me like a funny joke and then I will leave you like the funniest thing ever.
  • Hustle and Humble, two H I live for.
  • The trash is about to get picked up, so better stay where you are.
  • No GPS, I guess it’s my turn now.
  • You are not going to tell me who I am because I define that.
  • Life is unexpected, why not get the crap cookin.
  • Sauced up on the walk up.
  • I asked for better and you gave me the worst.
  • Your logic seems to be as flawed as my ex.
  • They call me tripper because I trip bitches.
  • If you break the bro code, I will break those bones.
  • Would rather break a jaw than a heart.

We have put them in the category of Savage captions for a profile but you can still use them in any way you like. We hope you can get those likes coming now.

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