Is Publishing an App on Play Store Free? Get All Information

Having an application for a business ensures the highest user engagement with a simple way to build brand trust. With a robust mobile app, any business can offer its users hassle-free services. Also, it becomes easy for everyone to access any service through an application.

If you own a business and are thinking of developing a mobile application, you must go ahead. Having such an idea to grow a business is worth consideration. However, as developing an app comes with several queries and considerations, once the app is developed, uploading it on the Play Store is another task.

If you wonder how to upload an app on the Play Store, the process is not that much complicated. Also, you must wonder if publishing an app on the Play Store is free.

Well, if these questions rattle in your head, don’t worry about it because any app development company can help you with it. Moreover, let’s shed some light on all the details about uploading an app and associated costs.

Important Things to Consider to Publish an App on Google Play Store

So, when it comes to publishing a mobile application on Google Play Store, you must consider all crucial points. Sometimes, it happens that Play Store rejects the app submission on the marketplace for not following the preset guidelines. Go through the given information.

Register In the Google Play App Signing

If you haven’t signed in to Google Play Store, you must do it immediately. This is what the experts recommend for uploading your app. Also, if you create and submit an Android App Bundle, be sure to sign up for Play App Signing.

Furthermore, Android App Bundle is an uploading format including the app’s compiled code and resources. Google Play Store uses this bundle to optimize APKs for each device configuration. As a result, only the code and resources for a specific device are downloaded in order for your app to run successfully. This eliminates the need for users to build, sign, and manage multiple APKs to optimize support for various devices, resulting in smaller, more optimized downloads.

Don’t Cross Recommended Compressed Download Size Limit

Google Play allows compressed app downloads of 150 MB or less. It will cause a problem if it exceeds 150 MB. In that case, you can enable all configuration APKs, ensuring that users only download the code and resources required to successfully run your app on their devices. Aside from that, you can shrink your app by removing unused code and resources or following best practices to reduce your app size even further. After your app meets these requirements, you can proceed to the steps for publishing your app.

Is It Free to Upload an App on Google Play Store?

When you develop an app by collaborating with a mobile app development company, you must be thinking about whether it’s free or not to publish an app.

Simply put, uploading or publishing an app on the Play Store is FREE. However, you must pay an annual fee of $25 to create a Developer Account.

You must have a developer account to publish a mobile application on Google Play Store. The work is not limited to developing an application. But the real task starts when you have to upload an application to the marketplace.

In case you find it difficult to publish an app, you must contact the experts of a mobile app development company.

Things to Do After Uploading an App on Google Play

  • Once you publish your app on Google Play Store, you must promote it on all social media sharing platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This way, more people can see your application and download it to make it successful.
  • The press release is the best way to market your application to the target audience. Using a press release, you can advertise and cover the right audience.
  • Usually, people think uploading an app is the end point of the app development process. However, app updates and maintenance are other things to consider. Providing an app with up-to-date features and services is the only thing that can keep you ahead of the competitors.
  • App Store Optimization is the real win rule. When your app shows at the top of the search results, your audience uses it before anything else. So actively work on it to make your app a success.


Publishing an app on Google Play Store is free; you don’t have to pay a single penny. However, you must consider all the information explained above. Still, if you find any problem, contact an app development company in Kuwait to get the job done seamlessly.


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